After posting a startling statement on my life in a thread about pharmacies and drugs and receiving excellent advice from QtM, I thought I’d give an update.

I’ve started my meetings, two a week so far. Seems like I’m one of only a few people that are dealing with opiate addiction. Most of the folks are well into recovery, I’m a newbie with 15 days clean. Still, I feel pretty good upon leaving the meetings.

My anti-depressants have been adjusted, and I’m hoping that within the next two weeks they’ll have kicked in. I’m so looking forward to feeling “good” again. For the most part, a lot of the bad feelings have gone away, but some linger. I know that I won’t be buying any more drugs, it’s a very strong resolve and I believe in myself. I don’t want my family to go away. I don’t want to go away.

I’ve done residential treatment for alcohol in the past, and I’m sure I’m not going that route this time. I’ve got a lot of responsibilities that I just can’t put off for several weeks. I’ve an appt on Monday to discuss further treatment options.

I just wanted to let anybody (everybody!) know that things are going pretty well and I know that I’m going to get well - it’s just gonna take some time. I also wanted to thank the folks who tried to help in the thread I mentioned above.

I appreciate having experienced people care enough to share their stories.

Thanks all! Wish me luck and strength!

Good luck!

I highly suggest that you try and do 90 meetings in 90 days if at all possible. More meetings=good. Sometimes it is hard to do but the payoff is wonderful.


Two years and eight months.

Keep coming back, RS! ODAAT and all that. It really does work. The Promises have come true for me.

Feel free to email me.

Hang in there, RSS. I agree that you might want to think about upping your meeting-count a bit – early recovery is extremely stressful, and you want to get your hands on as many tools as you can.

It will get better – as QtM says, the Promises do come true.



Yay slee - thanks for the encouragement.

I can’t even enumerate the ways I respect you, Q. You were very supportive and provided a lot of good info. As an aside, do YOU think that once my meds (zoloft) have kicked in completely that the icky feeling in my stomach will wane?

I REALLY wish I lived closer to Wisconsin!

Can’t say for sure, but it’s a reasonable possibility. Untreated depression is a barrier to recovery, and treating it properly generally helps a person move better thru the early stages of recovery, including getting to feel good again.

At least that’s been both my personal and professional experience.

Otherwise, what twickster said. For me, I went to an average of a meeting a day for nearly a year. Now, that’s not possible, or even necessary, for everyone, but it sure did me a world of good.

Another one chiming in here that early recovery + more meetings = good. You really can’t go to too many meetings at first. Once you’re more secure in your recovery, it can be a different story; but right now you need to change a lot of old habits, and a good way to learn what they are is to hear other people talk about their own experiences. It’s amazing how much we all have in common, and how much just listening and talking to each other can help.

So keep coming back!