Recreational outrage Dan Patrick's tweet

I am breaking my self imposed post exile from posting anything remotely resembling substance or a rant or remotely personal on SDMB because I’m so fucking pissed at Texas Governor Dan Patrick and had to quickly vent:
You unspeakable fucking bastard cowardly piece of semi sentient spiritual shit. Look, I am sorry that you cannot go back in time and help murder Goodman and Schwermer and Chaney and have to just settle for pandering hate on social media but sometimes you just have to make like a Christian Right legislator in the rest area after dark and suck it up and spit it out.
Knowing nothing of them as individuals, not even their names, I can still say there was not one person murdered in Orlando whose life I would not trade blindly for yours absolutely secure in the knowledge I had the better end of the trade, because whatever else was true of them none of them ever used a book that calls for charity and kindness above all else to preach hate snark hours after a mass murder. You are a disgusting exemplar of every bad thing ever associated with the South, with conservatives, with white men, with “Christians” and with any other group of which you were a part. I would save a dying rat from a fire before I would you, for the rat has not intentionally and needlessly caused emotional pain to a person.
You are antiabortion and yet your entire existence is testimony to its merits, for The world would be better with your nonexistence and your life entire is not worth the discomfort of the mother who bore you, and if the God in the New Testament exists He has already proclaimed in scripture that He will look at you with the vacant gaze of an Alzheimer’s victim because He does not know you.
Have a nice day. Or die in a fire, I don’t give a fuck. But may you first live so long as to see the unnaturally rouged bodies of those you love the most reflecting artificial light in their coffins, but only after you have heard curse you, and then may you live long after you have prayed to die, and if there is a heaven may the only part of you to ever Reach it be your screams is the humble wish of

Your obedient

JCD, late of Weokahatchee

That link actually makes me feel somewhat better. The asshole’s office (and from other things he’s said, IIRC, he’s an asshole) says that the timing of this tweet was a coincidence, that said asshole regularly tweets bible verses, and that this one was chosen, and the meme prepared, on Thursday. Yeah, it would be nice if he’d not put it out there, but unless he’s lying–and I have no particular reason to trust him, except the incredible political suicide it’d be if he weren’t–I think this was just a terrible coincidence.

Perhaps between Thursday, when the tweet is prepared, and 7am on Sunday, when it’s issued, someone ought to review it to make sure it’s still appropriate?

Just why does a tweet need to be prepared three days in advance? And why can’t the governor just refrain from tweeting Bible verse?

The problem is that the Bible quote is way too close a match to what happened in Fla. I’m curious as to why that verse was chosen in the first place.

I don’t know. It’s a pretty generic biblical passage, similar to ones Patrick tweets every Sunday morning. Unless somebody can show Patrick intentionally linked it to the shooting, I’d give it a pass as just an unfortunate coincidence.

Senator David Perdue, on the other hand, is a dick.

Whoa, wait now! Patrick is still a dick! He’s just not likely to be guilty on this one.

This would be ideal. However, there’s a pretty decent chance that it was automatically posted: Sunday morning at 7 am isn’t likely the time it’d be posted if it were done manually. Patrick probably didn’t predict that there’d be a horrifying shooting in the five hours before the verse went up.

I’m assuming here that his explanation is accurate. If it’s not, he’s lower than scum.

His usual tweets have some sort of header about a blessing from the Bible. This one did not. The one replacing it did. This was not a coincidence.

Nitpick: Dan Patrick is Lieutenant Governor of Texas, not Governor. Oddly, his office may be more powerful than the actual Governor.

This is what I’m outraged about. How dare you make me go back and read your old stories for the dozenth time and not give us any new material?

Maybe. That seems like a stretch to me. Given that he’s deleted it and put forth a statement declaring that it’s a mistake, I’m not seeing the percentage for him in deliberately putting it forth as a response.

On the other hand, how many times have various televangelists declared a natural disaster to be a punishment for supporting gays?
Look at the message from Westboro Baptist Church.
This way he gets his message out and doesn’t suffer politically.

And yes, I am cynical enough to believe it’s possible.

Even if it were prepared 3 days ago (which I seriously doubt), wouldn’t it dawn on that shithead’s brain, that as soon as news of that massacre broke, he should have prevented that post from ever being issued?

Even if it’s not related to Orlando, and it absolutely was, that’s a completely inappropriate thing for a government official to tweet anyway. “Hey you dirty heathens, you’re going to get what’s coming to you!”

Not as bad as straight up wishing death on the president (I think), but still wildly shitty.

And if like most of the country he woke up to the news? Or if he was unaware of it in the first place because it’s probably a media coordinator’s job to manage his twitter?

Sounds like coincidence.

Call me cynical but I doubt Patrick devotes a lot of thought to which biblical verse he’s posting this week. And that’s assuming he’s actually even involved in the process and doesn’t just delegate it to a staff member. There’s probably a list of generic messages and somebody posts the next one each week. If you had asked Patrick or anyone on his staff on Saturday what Sunday’s message was going to be, I doubt any of them could have told you.

Then tear him for his bad verses tear him for his bad verses tear him for his bad verses.
The sentiment obviously pleases him, the timing is the only thing he might regret. He takes pleasure in a verse promising terrible retribution to those who break Old Testament law, well this is what that looks like. Why take it down? Have the courage of your convictions Lieutenant Dan: take ownership and openly rejoice. Fred Phelps would have and frankly I find him less morally reprehensible than I do a tweet deleting coward.

It’s understandable he bullies the transgendered as well. He must hate everybody for whom dicklessness is a choice rather than just a moral cowardice worthy of a Nuremberg dock.

Jesus said that all the commandments come down to two principles: love God and love other people. So it’s a good thing to remind people (including Dan Patrick) that they should follow these commandments and will be judged by them.

“Bible says I got to love my neighbor like myself. What, I gotta go next door and jerk him off, too?”

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