Reeder citing a warring unit he didn't learn

Don’t tell me it ain’t so!

I won’t bother to write an OP or check out the facts, 'cause that would take time. Surely it’s okay to stir up needless shit… Right?

A Liberal mind would agree
That with Reeder, there’s nothing to see
Far too often. Move on!
Let the battles be won
With the facts, keen insight, cogency.

So, we’re Pitting a Pitting? Why can’t we just Pit the Pitting in the Pit thread where the Pitting began? It would have been considerably more Pithy.

Er, excuse me while I wipe the spittle off my computer…

If it has to do with BushCo, it must be a lie. Every reliable left-wing partisan screed I’ve seen agrees with me!

Another Reeder pitting.

Must be Friday.

But it was in response to Reeder pitting Bush, so it could be any day.

and yet December remains damned to be banned without benefit of Reeder’s company.

Duhbya wearing a unit citation he didn’t earn??
Reeder citing a warring unit he didn’t learn

What the hell does that mean?
It makes even less sense than
Liberal’s got a whoring unit he can’t spurn?

Well, Squink, for the gerund impaired, a warring unit would be a thing associated with war, such as a medal, for example. And in general, for the language impaired, the rhetorical technique was a merismus followed by a parecbasis: wearing -> warring, citation -> citing, etc. Don’t they teach English in your schools?

It means that Liberal has found a website about rhetoric.

It doesn’t mean that he has anything sane or sensible to say.

Hey Lib, do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got a little dog following you around constantly trying to frantically hump your leg .

Yes, my little Chihuahua is right on cue. Its link doesn’t work, but for anyone interested, an excellent online reference for the rhetorical arts is Silvae Rhetorica.