Reluctantly — Fuck Texas

Even at UT Austin there will be plenty of students who won’t care enough to avoid these jackasses’ classes.

Or, the Texas Legislature in its next session will decree that no institution receiving public funds may prevent a faculty member from doing this.

Unfortunately, all of our state universities’ boards of regents and upper administration are filled with Republican hacks who are more than willing to bend to the wishes of the conservative state leadership. UT is just as likely to make sure to keep these two employed to avoid antagonizing their overlords.

edit: or what @JRDelirious says. The Legislature has already shown an appetite for involving itself in university employment decisions, banning employment of anyone involved with “DEI” and meddling in tenure policies.

If a class is required for your major or is the only one that fulfills a gen ed requirement at a time you can attend, it’s difficult to refuse.

A post from Xitter. Prosper, Texas has a population of 37,746 people.

“The police department said the vehicle was purchased at no cost to taxpayers because the $689,000 armored vehicle was obtained through the Federal 1033 program . . . readers pointed out that the federal funding still comes from taxpayers.”

It looks like a school bus, monster truck, and armored car had a baby which joined the police force.

It might have been cheaper to put a cage in the back of a dump truck and add some cop lights.

Great. That means you and I helped pay for it.

Preventing abortions is dirty, difficult, hard work!

So bringing this thread back now that I’m in the office with power and decent internet connectivity.

Not reluctantly but emphatically, fuck ERCOT and Centerpoint. House has been without power since the storm and trying to sleep when it’s 85-90 degrees and humid as a jungle in the house is terrible. And the fridge, of course, is a total loss by now, except the canned beverages and maybe a few other items.

Beryl wasn’t nearly as strong as Hurricane Ike 16 years ago but somehow we’re dealing with worse power issues now. I’m sure our Texas brand of “deregulation” is involved but that’s a matter for after we get electricity restored to the city.

Greg Abbott sends his sympathies from various luxury hotels in East Asia.

This is so unsurprising as to be expected now and therefore no longer shocking… which is extremely sad.