Remember Me?

Hi guys, I haven’t posted here in ages (years?). We moved from Raleigh, NC., to Peachtree City, GA a few years ago. It’s a quaint little town south of Atlanta, where everyone rides around on these secret paths on their golf carts. :cool:

Here’s some pics from the 4th of July parade here: Parade

I’ll poke my head in here from time to time, to see what mischief you’ve been up to. :smiley:

Sorry, don’t remember you, but welcome back.

You got some posting to do!

Welcome back Toymaker! Your nick sounds familiar, but I’m somehow associating it with Fathom. Do you post over there by any chance? (For some reason I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate question. Feel free to ignore it!)
So does your nick come from a hobby or a profession or something else entirely?

Hi Toymaker. I remember you, and I’ve seen you at Fathom as well, where I mostly just lurk.

Yeah, I’m a regular over at Fathom, but I started out on the SDMB, back when it was hosted by AOL. My handle refers to my hobby of making wooden toys, which you can see on my home page: Gary’s Place I also have a smilies page linked there. Too bad we can’t use them here, as I see the IMG code is turned off.

Do you cackle incessantly while trying to defeat the SuperFriends?

I think yoou’re confusing me with Toyman. Actually, back then I was known as Enemaman, and yes, I did cackle after giving one to Superman. " And now, something with a little Kryptonite in it, I think. ::Cackle:: " :smiley:

Howdy Gary…

Could you take Toyman in a fight?

No problem, just have to catch him in the shower.

" Hey Toy, you dropped the soap. " :wink: