Some New Georgia Dopers?

Hey, Y’all

Just wanted to issue a blanket welcome to what I like to call the biggest dysfunctional family on the internet!:smiley:

As you will no doubt have noticed, I make my home in the big metropolis of Dallas, and I’m open for lunch and/or a beer (if you’re buyin’!:smiley: - JK)

Anyway, it’s good to see y’all!


Well, a big ol’ howdy doo to you Quasimodem! I’m not a new Jawja doper being as I’ve been around here for almost two years now. I am in south GA (Leesburg, baby!) and wouldn’t mind doing lunch/dinner/drinks with anybody who happens to be around here or passing through.

is “New Georgia” anywhere near “New Mexico”?

Aw… me of all people picking on a simple typo. It’s wrong, I know.

I’m here! I’m here! Used to date a guy in Dallas (I could barely find my way home…LONG drive!) I’m in Norcross and always game for drinks :smiley:

Old Georgia doper checking in, Quasi! Did you have your Dylan party last weekend? I’m in Decatur, and would be happy to meet you at the Brick Store for a brewski - I’ll even buy!

Ah HAH! :smiley:

It wasn’t a typo and you are correct as well! There is a community just southwest of Dallas called New Georgia!

But I bet you knew that already didn’tcha, you rascal? :wink:

Labdad: Of course I knew you were from “our fair state”, but didn’t know how to approach you for a meet. Good on you for taking the initiative and I’m sending you an e-mail!

I had the Dylan party, yes, but it was an imaginary one! Loved every minute of it, and didn’t even have to drive home! :smiley:

1ofthegulls: Thanks for jumping in! Hope to meet you sometime!

Swampbear: I may just take you up on that offer, baby! I travel a lot and am very flexible!

Glad to see Georgia well-represented on SDMB! Maybe y’all can help me corral my thoughts into coherency!


Hey, 1ofthegulls, I’m in Duluth! We’re neighbors! (Almost!

Quasi, I used to go out Dallas way when I worked on computers for IBM, but it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been out there. I bet (like everywhere) it’s built up a lot out there!

Cool beans! Such a small world :smiley:

Whoopsie! No e-mail for LabDad!

Guess you’ll have to e-mail me Dood! :smiley:


I’m in Savannah. I drove through Dallas once about 14 years ago and I saw a guy. Was that you? :smiley:

Everybody tells me Jacksonville isn’t North Florida, it’s South Georgia - can I be an honorary Ga Doper? :smiley:

Yeah, this is a pathetic cry for attention!!

I’m not exactly new, having been on the board for a couple years and a Cecil fan for almost 20 years. For the last 10 years, I’ve lived in Duluth.

I guess I’m fairly new to the boards AND the fine state of Georgia (3 years? Maybe?). Atlanta here, outside the Perimeter.

Ooooo! Acworth here.

Also checking in from GA. Little town of Ball Ground is where I call home, but I work in down town ATL. Long drive, but worth it to avoid the problems of living downtown.


Honey, I want someone to just try to refuse you membership as a Georgia Doper! Why I’ll… take 'em to the pit and be kind to 'em! Yeah! That’s what I’ll do!



Hey y’all

I am in Lawrenceville (waves to 3waygeek and Archergal…can you see me? )

swampbear One of these days I will e-mail you for some local gossip. My grandfparents had a farm in Leslie, and my Aunt,Uncle and misc. cousins are still in and around those parts.


That musta been me, MBS! I’m the only guy in Dallas. :smiley:


We got:
jc and

We’re on our way to formin’ a platoon, Y’all! :smiley:

Somebody cue ol’ Charlie Daniels, ‘cause I got me a feelin’ the South’s gonna rise again! :wink:


I can vouch for you being the only guy in Dallas…look’n back on my ex :smiley: