Remembering 'Gotcha Ya'

…oldscratch, wasn’t it?

I remember Yer Pal,

(Satan, of course)

This thread eats stupid food for breakfast.

If I recall it was 1920s-Style “Death Rays” and the quotes are important.

IIRC, “penis ensues” was olivesmarch4th, now known as @Spice_Weasel.

We used to use “when come back bring pie” to mean all sorts of things, but I don’t think that was unique to us.

There were the welcome threads with Mariah the Squid and the nameless Goat.

You’re damn right there was diarrhea in the jacuzzi. I live through that heinous trauma, I’m sure as shit not letting some other board get all the credit!

I see what you did there.

I think it was someone else, but I can’t find the origin via my phone.

It was Anastasaeon. Here’s the thread, post #2.

That was 16 dang years ago. sigh

Thanks for finding that. And it’s reminded me of one of my favorites which is the board deity, Og!

Perhaps I’m childish and silly (OK, I know I’m childish and silly) but I have always loved Og.

Og smash!

I did no such thing. You are searching for something that’s not there. I considered her a friend. We shared a lot of off-board talks about art. She knew she was polarizing, it wasn’t like it was a secret.

I stand corrected.
In my world polarizing is not considered a term of endearment.

Fair enough.

Reading this thread prompted another memory.
There was that that guy that ended half of his sentences with, and shit. He had a strange username. That guy was funny as all get out.

Damn, my memory is for shit these days.

And, yes, I believe it was old scratch. :wink:


And Opal was polarizing, and I don’t mean that as a term of endearment. Buckeyes, y’all

Superkapowzler, I think, but good work on recalling the name

Ah, yes. Who could forget her anti-buckeye rant?

And who was it, who ejaculated into his fish tank? Said his fish loved it. Was that the same person who talked about pan-fried semen?

Yes! That’s it. Nice going both of you. What a character that guy was, and shit.

“When come back, bring pie” was from the flash animation series Weebl and bob and was all over the internet.

Thanks I was trying to remember the name of the series but as usual my memory is total crap at unprompted recall.

But one SDMB thang which has grown up and left home is Gaudere’s Law.

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