Remembering 'Gotcha Ya'

I didn’t properly summon @Sauron before, maybe this will work. I need up to date info about Turtle Tracks.

No love for the 18" Ice Blue Jelly Dong ?

The Master!

Sampiros Southern Gothic family stories were always so epic. Especially the musical he wrote about crashing in a small rural town in Alabama.

I miss @Sampiro and @esprix (remember his Ask The Gay Guy threads? they were the final nail in any vestigial homophobic sentiments I had).

Aw, you’re aces. :wink:


I’ve been looking through some of these threads, and it’s weird finding my own posts in some of them.

Woah! I never believed you were still around :open_mouth: It’s good to see you!

I was just thinking of the Orlandopefests. The ladles guy was Autolycus, who sadly passed away in 2012 - though fortunately not until he had moved on from the ladle thing.

Has anyone mentioned pan-fried semen? And how about the guy who fed his fish fresh semen?

About 6 times so far.

“Then Buddha send… a miracle! Name of miracle is… flat tire!”

I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet, but does anybody else remember @Cervaise’s awesome takedown of a telemarketer from the year 2000? Here it is, for those who have not yet enjoyed it:

Interesting that Og has smashed nobody in the course of this thread.

Had a little bit of an “aww…” when reading the mention of Opal in the OP.

I didn’t properly summon @Sauron before, maybe this will work. I need up to date info about Turtle Tracks.

Sorry, sorry … I’ve been busy lately. What is it you need to know about Turtle Tracks?

What is this “had” crap?

Sorry, I meant to say, Sauron: he useta share his gift with us!

And we are grateful.

His stories about celebrities was one of my favorite things on the Dope.

To be clear to those who didn’t start lurking in 2007 (like me), I believe she was explicitly against 2 line non-lists. Her complaint that “2 items is not a list!” led to people routinely posting “3.Hi Opal!”

I feel like I know you alittle bit @Esprix from reading your threads.

Why don’t you come back and post more?

You’re kind to remember me, but honestly I’ve just sort of… moved on. (There was some personal stuff that went down many years ago that hastened my departure from ye ole SDMB as well.) My energies online these days are pretty focused on IDE issues in some groups I’m involved in, plus of course some other hobbies.

Lots of other queer folx to take my place, no doubt. :slight_smile:

So nice of you to respond.

I understand