Remembering 'Gotcha Ya'

Put down the chocolate-covered banana and step away from the European currency systems.

I think about this thread every time someone asks me for (usually computer related) help with something but keeps talking over me or asking questions/making suggestions that are entirely unrelated. I usually find myself saying either ‘don’t just ahead of me’ or ‘just answer the questions I’m asking you’ but I suppose “Put down the chocolate-covered banana and step away from the European currency systems” works as well. In any case, I think a lot of us have been in that situation and most of us were thinking ‘you asked me for help, let me help’.

One of my favorites was back in high school/college. Back when saving things on 3.5" floppies was the norm, this was a very regular conversation I had.
Them: I keep getting an error when I try to save this.
Me: What does the error say?
Them: I don’t know, I just hit okay.
Me: Alright, um, hit save.
[they hit save, then clear the error before it pops up]
Me: Try that again, but don’t clear the error so we can see what it’s saying.
[they hit save]
Me: STOP, don’t touch anything.
[me, reading error]
Me: It says there’s no disk in the disk drive.
Them: oh, ok thanks.
Then I have to find a way to very politely explain that a lot of the errors will tell them what the problem is and how to fix it.

What was that thread about clueless people…Rondas maybe?

Whoa! Waitaminnit! Stop the presses! When did Discourse allow colored text? Aha – I see, it seems to come with the Math stuff. Kewl!

IMHO these boards need to remember the extent to which “bit of Column A, bit of Column B” can be entertaining and worthwhile.

Bear in mind that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

As the Grapist soon learned.

Did they?

I thought their “Grapings” were sufficiently rare and random that they were regarded as harmless and never sanctioned?

ISTR the opposite, but it was a long time ago.

The grapist was banned pretty quickly IIRC.

IIRC, their name was actually “the grapist” and I think they did it to every post.
Many years later we had someone that used green for all their posts. I remember defending them as they were facing ban (which happened anyway) because I didn’t think they should get banned for simply using a font color that made it harder for some people to read.

I like when grapist posts pop up because it reminds me to go spend an hour watching Whitest Kids You Know videos, like, The Grapist.

The Ron thread:

And there was this:

And how about that Shredder Guy? Has anyone seen the forks?

FWIW, the person that posted in green was Miss_Spaulding. I don’t know if she was banned or not (it just says guest) and her post are all the ‘correct’ color now.
I also found a pit thread about her as well as my thread defending her and a thread a few months later by Dseid appearing to be somewhat similar to mine. However, the threads are long(ish) and all the links are broken so I haven’t picked through them yet.
It seems like, at least in part, she was noted for breaking a non-existent rule but then kept doing it and got in trouble for not following mod directions. Like getting arrested for resisting arrest when the initial arrest was for something you did that was entirely legal, it just annoyed the officer.
It’s interesting that all the way back then (2015) people were still complaining that one of the reasons we don’t get a lot of new members is because we chase them off, like we did with her.

\color{Orange}\text{Y}\color{Green}\text{'}\color{Brown}\text{a}\color{Blue}\text{l}\color{Red}\text{l}\color{Purple}\text{ g}\color{Orange}\text{o}\color{Green}\text{t}\color{Brown}\text{t}\color{Blue}\text{a}\color{Red}\text{ p}\color{Purple}\text{r}\color{Orange}\text{o}\color{Green}\text{b}\color{Brown}\text{l}\color{Blue}\text{e}\color{Red}\text{m}\color{Purple}\text{ w}\color{Orange}\text{i}\color{Green}\text{d}\color{Brown}\text{d}\color{Blue}\text{a}\color{Red}\text{t}\color{Purple}\text{?}

There was also that post, something along these lines:

One of the greatest stumpers ever:

You’ve got to be effin kidding me. I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to come up with that acronym and finally found it to see that it was just posted.

Clearly it’s “14 karats of gold in a Franklin Peale dollar”.

No, it almost certainly isn’t that. But at least it kind of works.

Except, as noted in many threads across the internet, no one says ‘karats of gold’.

No one says “Franklin Peale dollar” either. But I’m not letting that stop me!

They do, indeed. Because of this thread, I just ordered some… I’ll let you know how it is… FOR SCIENCE!

That said, One of my favorite board things is remembering when Beta Chan was born, the baby pool, and all the “sticky” wishes. I still appreciate @TokyoBayer for that thread (s).

Sadly, they were out of Turtle Tracks. I’m so irritated oh, I got moose tracks instead. But it’s not the same. I’ll try again.