Reminder about WW SD/FFF Gathering (Vegas)

This is a reminder to all that are on the list for the World Wide Dopers and Fathomers (Fathomites, Fathomists, er whatever) Vegas trip that you have 14 days to get your reservations in to the hotel for the rate guaranteed.

If you want to be on the list and want to go over Labor Day weekend, please email me at

So get off your computers and call the special 800 number I gave you folks.

Must bump

< oomph >


Vegas gathering attendees, I will be driving up to Vegas in my truck. That being said, I can carry a number of things for the enjoyment of the Teeming Millions that can’t be carried on an airplane. So far, I plan to bring a cooler. Can anyone suggest other items of entertainment I could bring? I would bring a portable stereo, but mine really sucks. I suppose it is about time for me to get a new one, but refer to the next paragraph.

I won’t go into a sob story about how much I spent on vehicle maintenance last Saturday, or the fact that I still need to buy a new set of tires. Nor will I whine about how I have to have the A/C in my house recharged. However I will say that I would really, really appreciate it if someone would share the cost of a room with me. I don’t snore and I do shower regularly. Let me know either here or through email.

If it’s not too much of a problem, can we get an updated list as to people who are definitely attending?

of those that have plane reservations:

GolfWidow (you :wink: )
Vestal Blue
Catrandom (driving)
Zyada (maybe we can get her to belly dance for us)
Padeye (driving too)
Strainger (driving and I need to get him the information still)

okay folks, get on the phone and get to Vegas. You don’t have to stay at the same hotel but it would be nice if you all did.

Again, I plan on having a pizza and beer party in my suite on Saturday night.

Please email me at the above address if you want to go and aren’t on the list.

I’m working on it, techie! One more interview down…hopefully I can get the job and get enough money to go! crosses fingers :slight_smile:

I am expecting that you will have a job and that you will be able to join us Falc.

I wuv you < sniff, sniff >


Strainger, I’ll be bringing a truck with a topper, not to mention a big ice chest, small boom box and not least of all a non-doper guest. What kind of day trip do we want to plan? The little kid in me always wants to take the Hoover Dam tour. I’m a sucker for grade-school field trip stuff like that. The big kid in me wants to see some other things but the grownup has grown out of wanting to stuff $20 bills into the G-strings of strange women. Ladies that I know from SDMB - and whatever underwear they may prefer - are a completely different matter.

So I could write this off as a business trip as well? Okay.


Here’s what we need as I can’t bring or don’t have.

A boom box (I will bring some CDs too.) Lets pool together to figure out what people listen to.

A cooler jams – great for the pizza and beer party, there’s a few liquor stores right on the strip.

A digital camara or two, preferably if at all the ones that use disks. I hope to have pictures posted and ready for all to see Monday night.

Money, oh wait I will bring my own.

More PEOPLE!!!

So come on everyone…this is for everyone not just the western US people.

What’s the date for this one? I didn’t see any reference.


I forgot: a gallon of Visine so our eyes aren’t red in those pictures. I gamble till 3-4 in the morning and get up at 9:00 and start again :slight_smile:

Labor Day weekend BTW

Techchick - I’ll have at least one digital camera, camcorder and a laptop.

Golfwidow - Uh, let’s see you in the underwear and then we’ll talk about giving you the business.

Glad you are back techchick.

BTW - seen your pic - growlllll! Absolutely HOT!

Padeye, sounds good. You can never have enough coolers. Glad you’re taking care of the boom-box.

CDs I plan to bring (Lord knows whether or not they’ll appeal to the Teeming Tens):

  • Blues: Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Stevie Ray Vaugn
  • Classic Rock: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Moody Blues, ELO, Simon & Garfunkle/Paul Simon, etc.
  • Southern Rock: Lynyrd Skynyrd (FREEBIRD!), Charlie Daniels, Molly Hatchet, etc.
  • Swing (modern): Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Brian Setzer
    I also will have some classical CDs, but y’all probably don’t want to listen to them during a pizza party.


Don’t worry, I’ll fill up a jug before I come up. I can’t use that stuff, though. I pretty much have to rig myself up in some sort of Ludivico treatment-type contraption to keep my eye from blinking shut before the drop hits it.

Laptop…damn good idea!!!

I was thinking about borrowing one from my client’s office. It’s a nice Gateway 5000 series with shit loads of RAM.

Guess I will have to put off reformatting it until then – giggle. < tech’s thinking of stating she needs to take the computer home over the long holiday weekend to “clean it up,” all the while she’s taking time off from gambling to post on the SD and the FFF hehe. >

Strainger: I will have to teach you how to put drops in your eyes. I hate things near my eyes but that is one thing I have down pat.

If anyone can think of anything else, please post it…the more the merrier and the more ideas the better.

I will also be bringing my laptop. All the CDs sound good to me (anything but twangy country).

I guess I’ll also have to bring underwear, per Padeye’s request.

Anyone else have a digital camara? I will try to locate one to borrow but can’t guarantee it.

I think we need more than one.

techchick, if you don’t mind waiting for development time + snail mail, and if you don’t mind scanning the pictures in, I can bring my plain old Canon EOS.

You better be there, Falcon. :slight_smile:


No problemo.

I would like to though, get some pics up Monday night, assuming I am not required to go to court in Grand Junction the next day.

That would suck big time, get into Denver, drive back to C Springs, pack and get the cats water and food (leaving my dog in a kennel for an additional 3 days :frowning: ) then driving 5 hours for a trial.

That’s 2 hours on a flight, one hour drive to the Springs then 5 hour drive west. I don’t look forward to that at all.