Replacement for phrase "piece of spam"

A whole bunch of junk emails, are called collectively “spam” as in, “I have a whole bunch of spam coming in because my filter doesn’t work very well.”

A single junk email is called a “piece of spam” as in, “This piece of spam I just received is funny.”

Do you like the phrase “piece of spam”? I don’t. I think it’s just a little too long, and I say we should find a (preferably 1-word) replacement. The obvious choice is just “spam” as in “I get about 1000 spams per month,” but I think that sounds a little awkward.

So what do you think we should call them?




“Spamlet”, I think. Because it’s a chip off the ole Spam brick, and it keeps coming back and talking to you. Farm porn, that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller has returned!

Or maybe you guys don’t get a lot of farm porn spam.

Well, it’s a Spam Single for those on the go.

I call them “spams.” Or you can pretend it’s like fish or sheep, and say “I got 1000 spam last week.”