Reported for Forum Change

Yes, the brown uniforms and jackboots make a wonderful fashion statement … the moderator staff looks really sharp goose-stepping down Main Street … y’all must get invited to all the parades …

Anyway, the thread in question has been CLOSED so I wasn’t able to post in it that I had reported it for a forum change and I don’t want to see a half million other folks reporting it for forum change since I already did report it for a forum change to the Pit because it was the perfect OP for a good old fashion Pitting and maybe we can get away from Pitting all things Washington DC because that’s getting old in a hurry after a year and whatnot**.**

I put the period above to red so everyone would notice it …

The thread in question (not to question the moderating person’s actions, but rather the fact that the question was in General Questions which was a questionable place to put it in the first place after all) is the one question about building a time machine that would pureé peaches before they were grown down in California next to all those almond orchards … (no no no, a little to the north of where you’re pointing, up above Modesto, right there next to the river) …

The important thing to note here is that the OP went to all the trouble of numbering his bullet points for easy referencing which would make this an absolutely delicious Pitting for everyone because there’s something for any knee-jerk gripe anyone could possibly have and let me emphasize that even The Donald could make a meaningful contribution to this assumed to be Pitting**.**

I’m getting better at this whole period thing …

C’mon … moderators … throw that bone into the Pit … we promise to fight over it …

Your best friend

Would it kill ya to include a link to the thread you are referencing? Here, looked it up for you:

I won’t presume to speak for the Mods, but if I were to guess, most likely the thread in question does not fit the criteria for the Pit. It is, after all, simply a series of how-to questions, that the OP claims were posed in all sincerity. That most of the questions happen to be completely fucking idiotic (what exactly is a “magic stopwatch”?) may well justify shutting the thread down, but that does not, per se, make the topic Pit-worthy.

The post in question was not a Pit thread. The OP did not intend the post as any sort of rant or anything Pit-worthy.

There’s nothing stopping you from making a Pit thread about that particular post or the poster, if that is your desire. But it doesn’t make any sense to re-open that thread and move it to the Pit.

Doesn’t Spicey look cool in her sparkly 'lectric jackboots?
She makes the others look so last century.

BTW, the thread in question has been mentioned in the “Trolls R Us” Pit thread, so OP, go nuts if you want:

Spicey could wear a potato sack and make everyone else look like what the cat left in the litter tray … but the red cape and forked tail is a nice touch …

But point taken e_c_g … thanx for the reply …

I also saw the thread report, but after engineer_comp_geek had already dealt with it. There was nothing at all about that thread that would have prompted a move to the Pit. Despite the statement by the OP that it was serious, the questions were so obviously silly it obviously was meant as a joke. (And posting stupid stuff and pretending it’s meant seriously can be considered a form of trolling - which seems to have worked on the OP of this thread since it made him mad enough want to Pit it.) Since we prefer that GQ be reserved for at least semi-serious questions, I agree that the most appropriate thing was to close it.

If you want to Pit the guy, go ahead, but you don’t need the thread to be opened to do that.

She’s also got a mohair suit; you know, I read it in a magazine.

Who let the dogs out? :slight_smile:

See The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything by John D. McDonald.
(Also referenced by Spider Robinson in Lady Slings the Booze.)

He joined in December and this is his opening post? Is it just me or does something in all this seem a little odd beyond his/her questions? And has anyone else ever had an opening post moved to the Pit or inspire a Pit thread? Offhand I can’t think of an example.

There’s also a Twilight Zone episode featuring a magic stopwatch. (Of course, “The Simpsons,” used the concept, too.)

Actually the rampage at the pet shop was committed by Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon. So its more of a statement than a question; the Who let the dogs out.

I never get tired of that one

Yep, that’s a good one!
Of course I threw you a bone.

And so once again I demonstrate to all my lack of pop cultural awareness. :smack:

But you probably have something useful tucked inside your gray matter. :wink: