Reporting back: efficacy of "pressure plugs" (migraine)

A few weeks ago I posted about ordering earplugs that claimed to relieve weather-related migraine pain. I don’t recall who asked me to report on their efficacy, so everyone can enjoy this.

I got one of my weather-related migraine/sinus headaches yesterday (often occurs with barometric changes). As always, it was an “icepick-through-right-eye-socket” headache that generates ancillary ear pain.

I usually stuff some tp in my ears so I gave these screw-shaped earplugs a try and am very happy with the results. While they didn’t affect the duration, the plugs definitely eased ear pain and I was able to lie flat due to decreased throbbing. I highly recommend!

I don’t know if I’m allowed to give the product name, can someone let me know if it’s kosher to do so?

No reason why you can’t give the brand name or even a link directly to their website and/or where you bought them.

Are you actually getting migraines? This sounds like some kind of sinus pressure or sinus related headache and not an actual migraine. I can certainly relate though. I’ve had migraines since forever but when I get sinusitis, it’s often times not until I’ve taken Tylenol and Imitrex for a few days that I finally realize that it’s not a migraine but actually sinus pressure that’s cause the problem. Some of my migraines are right behind my eye and and easily confused with maxillary sinus inflammation (until it starts feeling like my teeth are being pushed out of my head).