Reporting messages

Recently some clown did the old MAKE MONEY FAST schtick on MPSIMS. When the Mod shut it down, he noted that only six people reported it.

I, of course, was not one of the six. Why not? Well, I just assumed that it had already been reported. This was negligent on my part. And I suppose a lot of other people felt this way.

I don’t know what the other side of the “report this thread” button looks like. Is it like when I was an assistant network admin, and 500 people would call me reporting the server was down? That 501st person is just keeping me from getting it back up again. Or is it the case where you say, “Holy cow, 501 people are reporting this thing, it must be a real trainwreck!”?

Would it be possible (or desirable) for there to be an indication when a thread has already been reported? Is one report enough to warrant a response, or are multiple reports encouraged? I know the mods are few and the problems great, so I don’t know if they use the number of reports as a gauge of how quickly something needs to be attended to.

What’s the straight dope?

When in doubt, report. I’d rather get six reports about one troublesome thread than to get none because everybody is thinking “Hey, I don’t need to report this one because somebody probably already has.”

The report-this-post function generates an e-mail sent to the accounts of all the moderators of the forum. Each new report generates a unique e-mail, but it’s not particularly onerous to read more than one such e-mail. I don’t remember getting more than about four or five reports for one thread.

For the curious, the e-mails look something like this

I think bib speaks for all the Mods and Admins – we’d rather be swamped than miss one. It’s not like we’re getting 500, after all, it’d be five or six or ten emails, and that’s not a big deal to skim through.

We appreciate very much being alerted. We don’t always get around to sending a thank-you (since it’s not as easy as just “REPLY”), but we do appreciate your help in watching.

Not as easy as just “reply?” Oh well… nice to know you appreciate it anyways!


Whenever I report a post, that normally reads:

Of course, now I’ve found out that TubaDiva won’t let you.


<< Not as easy as just “reply?” >>

Nope. As noted by bib, the mail comes from webmaster, so “reply” wouldn’t get back to the original sender.