Reservoir Dogs-One More Time

We’ve discussed this before, in this thread most recently, but I watched the movie again the other night, and something doesn’t add up.

At the very end, Mr. White is aiming at Joe, Joe is aiming at Mr. Orange, and Nice Guy Eddie is aiming at Mr. White. They all shoot at once, I don’t hear multiple shots, yet Nice Guy Eddie is hit, although nobody was aiming at him. Mr. Orange had no more bullets left-he’s emptied his pistol killing Mr. Blonde. The cop in the chair was dead-Nice Guy Eddie finished him off. The only other person there was Mr. Pink, but why would he have become involved?

So-who shot Nice Guy Eddie?

White shot Eddie and his dad.

Bryan Ekars is right.

The book “Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies That Changed History” by Joe Bob Briggs has a chapter on “Reservoir Dogs” and it addresses the “Who Shot Nice Guy Eddie?” debate.

(By the way, “Profoundly Disturbing” is a great book and I highly recommend it if you’re into film at all.)

Thanks for the clarification. That was my whole point-Mr. White never turned to shoot Nice Guy Eddie making me wonder WTF? Thinking that Mr. White shot them both makes sense, but the film doesn’t show that taking place. :wink:

Tarantino is correct-every time the film is mentioned, someone brings this up. :smiley:

Glad I could help with some of the details, danceswithcats!

This is the world’s smallest violin playing for Nice Guy Eddie.

When me and my friends first started watching this in high school we had the debate… and I swear frame by frame watched and decided that it must have been Mr. White who shot both of them.

A link to a picture of the setup in question: