Resident Alien, aka Quincy, E.T

Sounds like a nice dilemma for a character on a TV show: do I reveal that I’m an alien tasked with wiping out all human life, or do I keep quiet about the ‘alien’ thing and simply take the rap for the guy whose appearance I stole?

If he goes with the first choice, he’s practically guaranteed a successful insanity defense. Life in a mental-care lockup might not be so bad for alien-Harry: I bet they have Law and Order episodes on all the time in their communal areas.

In any case: there are so many ways the writers could go with this show. It will be hard to wait to see what they’ve decided!

There is also the problem of letting the nice alcoholic lady that saved his life think she is crazy.

Good point. D’Arcy is one of my favorite characters in Resident Alien; in my view Alice Wetterlund is a comic asset to the show second only to Tudyk himself.

I suspect the writers have a soft spot for her, too, and the situation we left her in (as you describe it) is surely one that they plan to deal with.

I was trying to place the song (Sharing The Night Together) in the scene where Max’s parents beat on the agents. In an aha! moment it came to me…it’s the same song Todd sings in El Camino when he’s driving out to the desert to dispose of his housekeeper’s body.

I agree wholeheartedly. On both points.

The mayor and his wife were obviously not good pan handlers. I’m amazed they were able to escape.

I might not know karate, but I do know crazy…

They should have taken lessons from Paul and Mary.

Is the soundtrack available?

I finally binged the last 4 episodes. Great, if predictable ending. A few thoughts:


I don’t think the truck hit anything but parked cars. Darcy and Jay would have reacted differently if anybody buy Jimmy got hurt. They watched, smiled at the crash, then vamoosed.

When did Locke get implanted? He was moving around the bus the whole time the aliens were fetusnapping his kid. He also is specific about a son, when his wife said, just minutes before in show time that they didn’t know the sex of the child. Which means Lisa could still be that child. That will be a major McDuffan next season.

After that beatdown, it is miraculous the agents can still walk, much less function semi-normally. Especially her, since she took numerous shots to the left hip. Moved without a limp before getting into the van.

Sahar is a gem.

The General obviously has resources. Just how independent a game is she running? She just cut David loose. How is she going to explain the fallout from that action?

Yeah, and not only dangerous, but s stupid act of revenge.

I know McDuffan is a play on McGuffin, but I don’t get it.

MACBETH Thou losest labour:
As easy mayst thou the intrenchant air
With thy keen sword impress as make me bleed: 10
Let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests;
I bear a charmed life, which must not yield,
To one of woman born.
MACDUFF Despair thy charm;
And let the angel whom thou still hast served
Tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb
Untimely ripp’d.

Funny. (Serves me right for not reading any Shakespeare in decades. :frowning: )

I don’t know but I did Shazam some of the music during the season. They used music from some Native American artists I’ve never heard of before. Interesting choices.

I had a theory that didn’t pan out but was not disproven yet. Others have mentioned the Greys. The line that struck me was when he mentioned the Reptilians. It seems like they are his people’s main competition. He also said they have a hybridization program happening on earth. I got the impression that’s why human life had to be wiped out. It also made my think that the baby was abducted by reptilians and that she came back as a hybrid with a lousy temper.