Resolved: The democrats are going to win.

Whoever the main person is who is nominated for the democrat side, that’s who will become the next president. I’d bet anything on it. I’ll eat my underwear, with ketchup, after wearing them for a week straight if I’m wrong. And I know virtually nothing about politics…this is just such an easy prediction, though. President Hillary or President Bernie will be the next president, you just wait and see (I’m betting it’ll be Bernie Sanders).
No cites, no back up info, this is just a total guess based on what I’ve observed.

When even a person who doesn’t vote, knows nothing about politics, and doesn’t even know what the issues are or what person has on what issue can so easily predict the outcome…you know all of the people on the republican side have to be pretty bad.

Considering what I’ve seen from the Republican candidates, I hope you’re right.

I don’t know. I sense way too many people are becoming more and more lured into Donald Trump’s self-created and media-promoted image. This, combined with Hillary’s naturally grating personality tells me that it’s not quite a lock for her.

ETA: Also, I think many people are seeking the most entertaining reality TV presidency, even if it’s on a sub-conscious level and they don’t know it.

The main issue on the Republican side of this election can be summed up in one word – crazy.

You’re right, and I have to admit, this is the only thing that gives me slight hesitancy in my prediction, but being the eternal optimist that I’ve always been, I tend to have full confidence that most the people will realize that the front runner for the republicans is just trying to put on a show to see how long he can get away with it and come to their senses in the end.

Suggestion: Spray some Fabreeze on your week-old underwear before consuming it. :smiley:

Good for you. Everyone should be involved in the politics of running this country.

Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

Hillary For Prison 2016

Here’s your results if it’s Trump v. Hillary.

The Republicans will nominate Trump. The Democrats will nominate Hillary. She will mop the floor with that thing on his head. Dems will take the Senate and maybe even the House. If four years, we’ll have a 6-3 liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Thank you, Republicans, for bestowing this gift upon us.

But I’m thinking he alienates two for every one he attracts. What works within a practically all-white party won’t work in appealing to a diverse electorate that includes a lot of white liberals.

Anything in particular we should charge her with, or should we just scrap all that nonsense and adopt the ways of a third-world dictatorship?

What’s that saying, never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake or something like that. I’m sure Clinton is digging up every terrible thing Trump has ever done, and there’s a lot to dig. Ain’t no point showing all that before he’s the official candidate.

If Clinton is nominated expect Benghazi and the email scandal (@-gate?) to kick into serious overdrive.

You can charge Hillary with anything you wish. I’ll wait for the findings of the FBI investigations.

Once you’ve given Hillary the power of Executive Privilege, there won’t be anymore nasty inquires into Hillary’s actions.

And then: MORE FREE STUFF !!!

(Except for the half who pay taxes)

And if they come up with nothing, we’ll hear no more from you about this – right?

A lame, feeble effort.

What are you waiting for?

Lame. I voted for Obama twice, not expecting a nickel in free stuff. What we need to do is stop the rich from backing up their armored trucks to the treasury and use that money to invest in our infrastructure and our children.

inscrutable, you must be confused. We’re talking here about the results of a Democratic victory, not the Party of Free Stuff. And the super-wealthy like Romney who don’t pay taxes are far less than half of the population.

I hope that you got good odds on that bet.

Posted early:

:rolleyes: some people do not like to wait…

Also yours is example #49,002 of accusations that have many times turned to not pan out for the Republicans when they deal with the Clintons. Republicans then make the Clintons look better as the authoritarianism and their “killing a fly with a bazooka” moves from the Republicans in their attempt to get them makes most people then realize how unworthy of leadership many Republicans are.

Of course this is wrong. Trump will be President and the Repubs will maintain control of the Senate and the House for the next 8 years and another conservative will be nominated to take Scalias place.