Do you have to earn respect? I think so, but my shithead boss thinks it is his birthright! Actually, I have two bosses I have to answer to, and they think I have to kiss their asses whenever they ask! … that just makes me want to do the opposite!! I don’t get in trouble when I don’t (I get to do my own thing), but when the other guys (kinda under me, but just about equal) do their own thing, shit flys!! Mind you, these guys do nothing wrong, just their jobs… but they don’t ask the BOSS first!! Damn, TROUBLE!! I dunno, I figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… and that’s my job, a “sub-foreman” , but I don’t get paid for it, just the blame…they ask me, I do what they tell me to do, but if I make and independent decision that is right, they still bitch…damn, I forgot what this post was about! = )

Sorry about that drivel, but I was kinda pissed… this may belong in the BBQ, but I have calmed some… just tell me, what do you thing earns respect? I don’t care if it’s in the workplace, in the family, or in friendships… I think I know, but you know what?.. people baffle me, the whole human race baffles me sometimes…gimme the skinny! = )

I used to think respect had to be earned through competence, intelligence, inspiration, compassion or effort. This cost me inumerable opportunities to make friends or meet interesting people. Amazingly enough, these qualities are often less than obvious upon first impression. No less amazingly, if you show disrespect to people before they have the opportunity to dazzle you with their best qualities, you will likely never see those best qualities.

I have since come to believe that every human being should be given respect. That is th edefault position. Howeverm said respect can be forfeited by the demonstration of incompetence, stupidity, apathy, cruety or laziness. This list is not comprehensive.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

I look at it the opposite way from most, but I will respect someone until they show me they do NOT deserve it, not the other way around.

Generally, if you are not getting respect, you’re not going to give it, so why start off something on the wrong foot?

Now mind you, if you prove unworthy of respect, the odds of you being able to regain my respect are might long…

Yer pal,

Dammit!! Satan, I have lurked here for a bit, and I have seen what you are about!!.. So, what do I do to earn the Dark Lords respect (not my boss) !!? = )

        PS. My boss can kiss my ASS!!

Reminds me of a quote:

Respect is like money. If one person doesn’t get enough respect then that person will force others into giving respect to him. If one person gets too much respect, then that person will have to avoid those that don’t get enough respect - Anon

My opinion has always been this: Even if you don’t have a shred of respect for your boss as a person (we’ve all been there), you still have to respect the position. So, do you necessarily respect an idiot? No, but their position as authority should be respected. It’s kept me out of trouble most of the time.