Restroom Kobayashi Maru - Spontaneous Diarrhea & Vomit

Let’s say you had a sudden urge to vomit and diarrhea spontaneously. You rush to the restroom, drop your trousers, look at the toilet, then what?

Let’s say the restroom is a half-bath (i.e., no bathtub or shower).

Trust me… Sit on the toilet.

Cleaning up vomit is much better than cleaning up liquid feces. It just clogs the mop, then you have to keep wringing it and wringing it, then it breaks and you have to do it by hand… Um… Er… Theoretically…

McCoy should have given Saavik some Ipecac & Tijuana tap water.

Sit on the toilet, grab the trashcan, vomit in the trashcan. The reverse doesn’t work.

Or, hack the program to eliminate the urge to vomit.

Sit on the toilet, grab the trashcan, vomit in the trashcan. The reverse doesn’t work.

Or, hack the program to eliminate the urge to vomit.

Only solution that works. Had to do that after getting a bad bleu cheese burger.

There is no hack that will stop a core dump in progress.

I was lucky enough in my childhood home to have a toilet that directly faced a small sink. God bless America.

I did have to wash a sink that contained a partially-digested philly cheese steak (mmm, food poisoning - the onions were the most disgusting part), but I’m perfectly happy to have flushed the other.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking of these things.

When you’re taking a crap and you have to throw up, which one takes precedence? I’ve always assume that you would rather throw up in the bathtub than have to wash out the sink.

I’ve done that, also food poisoning. I also had the luxury of a bathtub next to the john, so I could do both simultaneously. Doing both at literally the same time was a weird sensation that was only topped by having an abdominal surgical drain pulled.

Sit down on the toilet and vomit between your legs. It’s still easier to clean up than anything else… I would guess, theoritically.

Where were you when that happened to me two years ago??

:eek: :frowning:

Memo to self: replace carpet in bathrooms with tile ASAP.

Could you take the tank lid off and then let loose from both ends: fore- into the toilet tank, aft- into the bowl?

Seems to me that it might be the option with the least mess to clean up.

Now THATS creative thinking!

Carpet in the bathroom? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that. That’s exactly the place you want to be able to mop, even more than the kitchen maybe.

I had to do this once. In a restaurant. In the women’s washroom (I’m male).

Excuse while I deal with residual embarrassment leftover from 1997.

Tell me about it; I’ve got rugs on the carpet, because I’ve got little nephews…

Seems to be a condo thing. I was gobsmacked when I moved in and realized I hadn’t noticed it. My parents told me it wasn’t something to worry about. They just bought a condo… with carpeted bathrooms. snicker

Anyway, not something to accomodate people leaking at both ends!

Sit on toilet, lean into bathtub if one is handy. The most useful thing I ever learned from drinking.

Note to self: replace open-weave wicker trashcan in bathroom with a sturdy plastic one.