Return of the Altavista babelfish game (with a twist)

Using altavista babelfish, cut and paste something that many dopers should recognise into the translate box, translate it into a language of your choice, then translate the translation back into english.

I have chosen a review from of a DVD.

If the name of the thing turns up in the translation remove it and replace with or something similar.

The idea is for the next poster to guess what the translation is talking about, and then submit his/her own translation.

If you can’t guess. Ask for a clue.

Feel free to submit a translation without guessing at one.

Feel free to guess any of the translations not yet guessed.

As mine is quite difficult. Here is a clue already…

Stapler in a Jelly

The Office

The new star inside the heaven which it does to do art thy name our father who is the unit. Future life Thy. The Thy inside heaven, all there is 1 endurance is it and it is to do all. The flexible custom our everyday bread. If it forgives, to custom our trespass, the custom which we forgive it heads and there are them whom it infiltrates. And it delivers a custom from the evil where is not the map custom with temptation and aim. The thine the hazard kingdom, and force and honor are forever.

Lord’s Prayer

Before the long time as for the galaxy directly… as for that it is period of civil war in the distance. The space ship of the rebellion which is struck from the basis where it is hidden first won victory vis-a-vis wicked Milky Way empire. During fight, as for spy of rebellion the ultimate weapon of empire, the star of death, how, doing that secret plan is stolen in armored space bureau of the sufficient power which destroys the entire planet. Being pursued by the unlucky representative of empire, it competes the curator of the plan where the king woman the house of her starship… rescues her people, it is possible and is stolen to do freedom as before in the galaxy…

Star Wars Episode IV - opening title

Primarily essential prequel that the David and of markings (removed) series advanced of “top double” tevê Frosts. Half an hour old first or interests consequently the investigation for means Chet the moon of FBI in the murder for the banks of Teresa of the waitress. The film cuts a year then later and follows to the cases during one week in the life of (removed), a history that to justify the series much more one delays. They count much a considerable quantity of the sex, drugs, activity of force, tops the unexplainable music and images.

Thank Og you included the freedom to submit without answering, the last one has me stumped!

Queen Tonya…if you mean my entry

Think about a tv series that hit cult status for it’s first season and lost it for it’s second season (although I like both seasons)

This one’s too easy…

1 ring which all governs them. 1 ring which discovers them. 1 ring which all brings with them. And tie them inside darkness.

Kind of poetic in a weird sort of way.

Another easy one…

In long time favor, far, far, far in the riverbank… It is a duration of civil war. The rebellious space ship which it hits from the foundation which it hides headed, is bad low empire it won their first victories. While fighting, the rebellious spy the empire ultimate weapon, the star which dies, in the force which is sufficient destroys the whole planet secret plan Hoom it controlled the fact that it hits in the armor space station. By the empire Leia flame one substitute to pursue, the princess her starship other the family… Her person under storing, Hoom it will be able to rehabilitated freedom under the custodian of the plan which hits it races

I’m glad I got an easy one. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Try this one:
In the penny way there is a representing gentleman hairdresser that photographs of each Haupthe’s had the pleasure to know. And all people, the notice and legends hello come and go. On the corner a Banker with a Motorcar is, the small children laughs at it behind its back. And the Banker carries never mack in the running out rain, very strangely.

Penny Lane

“The person, I fight and club a certain thing which has lived is strongest, meets to with the smartest person. I look at this latent characteristic everything, look at squandering. God it is serious the pump gas of the classified by entire generation, the table which it waits; The slave where the white brim has been attached. We us hate in announcement and therefore we do not need us, are, there are times when the car and the clothing which can use the work which can buy every are pursued. We are the child and the person of center of history. There is no purpose or a place. We do not possess large war. There is no worldwide Great Depression. Mental war of the war where we are large… is our worldwide Great Depression our lives. They are all large magnates that with us and in order to believe we entirely on the 1st, and movie God, and the locks tar raised with the television. But as for us. And we have learned the fact slowly. And being upset very, there are we, very.”

Wow, after running the same quote through Babelfish (japenese/english) two more times, it gets even better:

“The fight where human that it depends on me is strongest with in the smart person, has lived meets, a certain certain thing, cooperates. All squandering of feature of this concealment of I first glance at first glance. The thing God which means that serious entire formation of the table which the pump gas waits classifies; The slave white edge is acquired. Therefore we our announcements, us are not convinced of our hatred and, time, the car which can use the work which entirely can buy there wearing? That is pursued. We are the central child and the person of history. There is no purpose or a place. We did not own large war. Being worldwide, there is no worldwide worldwide Great Depression. As for us because of mental war of our life wars us being worldwide, is the worldwide worldwide Great Depression, it is large… In order as for them everything us and Toshi and 1st us in order to believe completely, and it rises because of movie God, the television which is the person whose power is large and with that the lock tar which is called. But in regard to us. And we learned fact slowly. And? The chestnut which returns very there us, is extraordinary.”

No… Not Marx.

And the answer in case I don’t open this thread for a while…

The answer: Poor man ranting in Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail

The first two are from the Japanese, the third from the Korean.

Identify the speaker of these phrases:

  1. Today, as for me it is [name of speaker removed]. It will be able remember me from telethons like the gout '88 the house of Tony Orlando probably will rescue!

  2. That is the day when neighborhood is beautiful. For neighbor beautiful day. They are my ones? They are my ones being, it will do?

  3. It used that word which spreads out it maintains. I do not think that you think.


[spoiler]1. This person has had a very long career. This is just one highlight.

  1. This one should be obvious. It is a line from a song written by the star of the show the song is the theme from.

  2. It would be inconcievable to get this one wrong.[/spoiler]