REVENGE...oh how sweet it must be for this person

Check this out

Apparently a jilted ex girlfriend decided to get a lil revenge on the girl who screwed with her man.

“This is one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile. My Dad works for the phone company and saw this on a junction box in downtown Birmingham, Alabma. Apparently she pasted these everywhere on “Southside” which is where all the good bars and clubs are. Revenge, how sweet it is!”
Have not had this good of a laugh in a LONG time

Too funny! :smiley:

I wonder what the original reward amount was? The “$1.50” was added in digitally and was not part of the original poster. The type is much blacker, not weathered, and it’s perfectly vertical in the image, while the rest of the text is at an angle to the left. Actually there might not have been a reward listed at all, since the paper looks pretty intact beneath, though that could be edited in fairly easily.

Still, pretty damn funny!