reversed vasectomies?

Anyone had this experience, how much did it hurt and was it successful?

My father had this procedure back in the early 80’s. (Then he got another vascectomy after Mom had me. What can I say, the man is dedicated.) I can’t speak to how painful it was and I refuse to ask, but here I am. I would imagine the surgery is more commonplace and successful now than it was then.

Been There…
As I recall, you are awake through the whole procedure. Your operating table lays rest at about a 20 degree angle making it uncomfortable to lift your head.
Your Testicles are hoisted onto a rubberized pedestal were they are elevated for the Operation. Your really not feeling anything other than pressure and tugging.
The Vas Deferens (which are clamped from the vasectomy) are cut clean and reconnected through micro-surgery. At some point the re-attachment is carterized.
That is your flesh you smell burning. You lift your head and see alot of blood on everyones gloves. You wonder all along if someone other than your urologist is pilotting the ship- there are alot of unfirmiliar people behind those masks.

My operation ultimately was unsuccessful.

Side effects…expect to loose an inch in length after every operation.

Post Operation…The boys must be immobolized for awhile, jostling them around can feel like a mule kick…wear supporter or scrotom harness.

Good luck…if it’s successful, don’t get another vasectomy. (1-inch per operation)


Are you talking about losing an inch of “the boy’s hang”, due to cuts to the vas deferens?

Did you get this same loss of an inch in the initial vasectomy?

Heck, if that’s the case, I could have 4 or 5! :smiley: But I certainly don’t want any other loss of length.

I had mine done. It’s not majorly different from the original vasectomy, except that it takes longer to do and, as Mr. Roboto mentions, when it’s over you can definitely tell that things were, well, manhandled more. Takes a few more days’ recovery.

Mine was successful. But I’m not sure what Roboto’s “1 inch” refers to. Everything seems back to normal for me.

I think Mr Roboto is referring to a one inch loss in the length of the vas deferens.

Ah. Well, that would depend on the vasectomy technique that was used. Not all of them remove a portion of the vas, in which case the only amount you’d lose is the small amount they have to trim to get ready for reattachment.

I agree, though, that you want to minimize the number of iterations.

Thanks guys - actually, I’m a girl, enquiring for partner.

Length, as in Penis Length…
All that cutting and trimming down there has shortened “The Johnson.”
There is no other explanation.