Ric Ocasek - Living happily ever after?

So the guy from the kick-ass 80s band The Cars who married a super model, to the chagrin of everyone who called him gangly, did some producing, but I haven’t heard anything of him in years. Anyone know what he’s up to these days? Ric, are you out there?

Still doing some producing. Bands include Bad Religion, Guided By Voices, Hole, and, most recently, Weezer’s Green album.

he’s actually a very in demand producer these days for some reason or other, in addition to the afforementioned Weezer et al, he worked with Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Smash Mouth, and a few others… not that the bands Crawford mentioned aren’t by and large, better bands, but its worth noting that he’s working as more of a joke and has gained some prominence as a knob twidler.

According to imdb.com, he’s still married to model (or former model) Paulina Porizkova. They have one son.

Before that, according to the site, he was married to “?” from year “? to ?”.

Sounds like he’s doing ok.

What are the chances of getting him to produce an album for my band?

I’m pretty out of the modern music scene in the US. I pretty much only pick up on what is popular enough there to get popular over here as well, which means I’ve been inundated by Green Day and Back Street Boys since 1997.
So, no threats of a Cars reunion tour?

Considering Benjamin Orr, who sang about half the songs, is dead, I’d say no.