The New Cars

Just saw the video of “The New Cars” song “Not Tonight”. I’ve always been a Cars fan, and I liked it. Though it’s sound was rather hokey for 2006. It sounded like something they would have put out in 1979.

What really caught my attention was how much Todd Rundgren fit in and actually sounded like Ric Ocasek. I’m looking forward to hearing more songs from them.

Has anyone else seen/heard the New Cars? What do you think?
If you were a Cars fan in the past, what do you think about this new line up?

I saw them perform on a talk show. Initially, I thought that Ric Ocasek looked REALLY different.

Um, Ric Ocasek ain’t dead. The Deborah Harry lookin dude is the dead one. Shouldn’t Todd be replacing him?

Ben Orr is the one who died.

I saw Ocasek on VH1 Classics & he said he was busy with other projects which is why Rundgren was asked to join.