Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, huge internet superstar, to play The Thing in the FF movie?

I was looking through the IMDB for superhero movies, and I saw that a Richard Kyanka was going to play The Thing. Is this the same Richard Kyanka that runs

Excuse me.


[Swipes tears away]

Your are joking right?

I don’t think they’ve finalised the script, let alone the actors or directors. You could check out IGN’s ‘Filmforce’ section; I think their FF rumour stuff is kinda OK.

I guess I was fooled.

It looks exactly like the IMDB, except for the URL.

Yeah, sorry man. In retrospect I may have come across too harshly. I’t just the thought to Lowtax in a major movie. :eek: Ickky.

Anyways, the IGN Filmforce rumour mill can be found here. Not much stuff, but then again there doesn’t appear to be that much stuff released anyway.

Oh that site is too cute: Steve Balmer as Reed! Great stuff!

Check the bios, too.