Steve Ballmer, CEO of MicroSoft, to play Richard Reed in Fantastic 4 movie!?!


Fantastic Four

Someone playing a trick on the IMDB? Or is there an actor with the same name and it confused the database?


Actually, that would be Reed Richards. Perhaps Bill Gates could play the part of Galactus, and then Tony Hawk could be the Silver Surfer. Haven’t heard the rumors, just wanted to be the guy to jump in with the niggling little correction.


Have you seen Steve’s monkey-boy entrance to one of MS’s conferences? You can get it from you friendly neighborhood file-sharing program. Next to the Osbounes, one of the funniest stuff today.

He is ready for prime time.

They’re usually pretty good about keeping actors with the same name separate, so this might be real (and incredibly bizarre!).

That’s completely messed up. Steve Ballmer would make a much better Gorilla Grodd. We’s way too ogre-ish for Richards.

Urrgh. Ballmer doesn’t look the slightest bit like Reed Richards. And are the stockholders OK with the guy running their company taking a few months off for filming (or are the producers OK with a star that has to run a huge corporation from his trailer)? This has got to be wrong.

The fact that they got the character’s name backwards makes me think this is either just pulled out of someone’s hind parts or is an April Fool’s joke of some sort. It says it was last updated on April 8th.

MS employee chiming in here: we’ve all heard internally that it is indeed true. That’s right - I work for Steve Ballmer - CEO of MS by day, Mr. Fantastic by night. :rolleyes:

However, as someone who has sat through too many company meetings to count, I can assure you SteveB could ham it up on the big screen. I just hope he doesn’t blow out his vocal chords again.

Because we all know that if it has anything to do with Microsoft in the slightest, it couldn’t possibly have any worth whatsoever.

Whatever, Spoofe. Just drink the decaf, already.

Eater of Worlds, indeed.

…except as Yet Another Way for Bill Gates to extend his monopolies.

Hmmmmmmmm, “Microsoft Movies”?

I know why you may have made the mistake in the OP - Richard Reid was the guy who tried to blow up the plane with his shoe.

Actually didnt they already make a ff movie in the early mid 90s that was supposed to be so horrible that they’ve never even really released it on video ?

Supposedly from what people say whove managed to see it says theres a reason its buried and its a good one …

No, it says “Richard Reed” at the IMDB. Presumably, that’ll be corrected before too long.

Along with the actor one hopes.

:rolleyes: A brilliant retort, if there ever was one.

Further, anything done by Microsoft - or anything associated in any way by Microsoft - is automatically A: controlled in minute detail by Gates, and B: dedicated towards more monopolization.

Way to fight that Ignorance, people.

Based on this review/synopsis of that film, I’d have to say they’re probably right.

nice to know im not nuts after i had read about it in the wizard comic book guide and then never heard fo it again