RIP British Comedian Sean Lock

If you watch any British panel shows, you know and love Sean Lock. I had no idea he was battling cancer (I guess he kept it private), he died at 58.

And now, one of his funniest 8 out of 10 Cats moments

Holy crap! I had no idea! I’ve seen him on YouTube clips of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, gigging the hell out of Jimmy Carr. A genuinely funny man. This is very sad.

I’m American but have seen many episodes of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown on YouTube, and remember in particular his offhand comment to Rachel Riley here.

If you’ve seen his most recent appearances on Cats Does Countdown, he’d gotten very thin and drawn and did not look well. I’m not surprised that he had cancer but damn, his death is a major loss for comedy.

Ddamn. RIP Mr. Lock; you were funny as fuck.

I didn’t have to play the clip to know the quip you meant. I don’t think Sean got a chance to shine as much as Jon Richardson, but only because Jon is Jimmy’s favorite target. But he was a very funny man.

Damn. I thought he’d recovered. He was great. So quick.

Same here.

“You can’t write tears, Jimmy.”

Damn, I had no idea about the cancer, this is sad news. Also, I hate it when someone my age dies. My favorite Sean Lock moment was the 8 out of 10 cats episode right after Jimmy Carr’s tax issues came to light. Sean Lock was like a kid at Christmas waiting for Jimmy to ask what the nation was talking about that week.

Lock’s literary efforts are at the beginning and end of this clip.

I remember that. “Well, Jimmy…”

Omg yes! Sean and Jimmy really were SO funny!

Sean had such a unique style. He was never not funny. “Acerbic wit” maybe? He was definitely always “on”. I am sure he was an absolute gut buster off camera too.

I’d read speculation about him being sick, due to his voice changing. But I had been under the impression he got better. I now suspect that it was cancer, that he went into remission, but then it came back.

Yes, two or three years ago (or more, it’s hard for me to tell since I only watch them on Youtube) he was off the shows for some period of time, and when he came back his voice was raspy; also his hair seemed a little thinner. He seemed to recover from it pretty well, though, and never lost a step comedically.

To honor his request about what should appear in his obituary, here it is:




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You can’t write tears, Jimmy.

That episode is an all-time great panel show moment. You realize it was the last episode of that series and Jimmy probably could have worked out not attending, but he forced himself to go there and say, “So, what has Britain been talking about this week?”

And he just took it for an hour and I loved EVERY second of it, Sean leading the way.

Jimmy still gets shit for taxes all the time and I never fail to laugh.

Goddammit, this sucks.

I have to find the clip where Sean Lock discusses bludgeoning a budgie with a teaspoon.

It’s not the funniest thing he’s done, but it gets quoted around my household as an example of gritty determination.

Eff cancer.

From QI:

Aww. So, if everyone has their map and their compasses and a clean pair of mosquito net pants, let’s plunge straight into the unfamiliar country that is Question 1. One of the biggest problems faced by explorers, as you can probably imagine, is that of language. Alan and Bill. I would like you to . . .

[ raises his hand as though to say, “Yes, over here!” ]

. . . to imagine that you are two of the pilgrim fathers who arrived on the Mayflower on the coast of the United States, or America.

Sean Lock
[ starts speaking gibberish to Rich, gesturing at Bill ] . . . Never Mind the Buzzcocks !

[ throws up his hands ] Bloody hell.

[ speaks more gibberish, gesturing to Alan ] . . . Jonathan Creek !

[ throws down his notebook and folds his arms ]

[ speaks more gibberish, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes ] . . . “Can’t believe my eyes!”

[ exaggeratedly slow ] Not just Never Mind the Buzzcocks ! Other things as well! Do stand up. [ pretends to blah-blah into a microphone ] “Hahaha!” Piano! Playing in hotels .

[ disdainfully ] “You think you’re the first explorers here, don’t ya?” [ pointing at Sean ] Where do you think these eyeglasses came from?

The extraordinary thing is, between them, Rich and Bill are absolutely right. The first thing said by one of the native Americans who met the Plymouth Bretheren was “Could I have some beer?” In English. He asked for beer in English.

:frowning: RIP Sean.

Not the full episode, but the juiciest bits at the beginning.

Wow, this news came as a big shock to me. I’ve been a big fan of British panel shows (mostly from YouTube) for the past few years, and yet I had no idea that Sean was battling cancer. It’s somehow comforting that other Dopers were also fans and are feeling the same way. So, long, Sean, and thanks for all the laughs. Also, of course, Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?