RIP Grumpy Cat

Doris Day, Tin Conway, Peggy Lipton – and now, Grumpy Cat.
Where will it end?

So bad news comes in fours?

Poor little Tardar Sauce :frowning: I know it’s lame, but I really am sad about this (which would make Grumpy Cat happy, so there’s that). Maybe now her brother, Pokey can step into the spotlight.

BTW, am I overthinking it or is her name a reference to her deformity, i.e., she’s a “retard”?

I really am sad about this too. As I said in the other thread, I’m making her exact same facial expression right now.

Did anybody have “Grumpy Cat” in your Death Pool game?

Do we know how old she was?

Pardon? :confused:

7; not very old.

Poor puddy tat! :frowning:

I once learned the hard way that cats should be kept indoors and away from others in the neighborhood, since Feline Uterine Syndrome (FUS) is highly contagious. Neither should plastic dishes be used, since they’re porous and can trap pathogens.

My own beloved cat will be 19 in September. I hope he hangs on a while longer. I found him meowing in my building’s stairwell when he was just eight weeks old. I can’t believe it’s been that long…

Her name seems to be a play on “tartar sauce”, but spelled “TARDer”. She’s kind of funny looking so I can see someone (hopefully jokingly) calling her a “tard”.

Her appearance, health and age at death are a good illustration of why putting a lot of emphasis on physical breed characteristics is a bad idea.

Now he’s in hell. Or what other cat’s call “Kitty Heaven”.

RIP Tardar Sauce; your time with us was way too short but oh so sweet.

I do remember this from when it started, and yes, you are right, they totally retconned the cat’s name once they hit the mainstream and had to start talking about it outside of Reddit or Youtube. A quick Google pulls up this article about it from just a few months after the original reddit post in 2012.

This is a fantastic comment and one I will steal and use in my daily life.

With credit to you natch.

Awww. I has a sad. From all accounts, she was a very sweet girl.

Isn’t feline urinary tract problems what Sylvester the Talking Cat’s adoptive brother Gibson died of?

I have a picture of her on my wall at work. I pinned a black ribbon on it. :):frowning:

She wouldn’t have liked that.

:smiley: So true!