RIP Gweniever

Her Royal Highness, Queen of the Cats, The Lady Gweniever passed away this afternoon. She was 17 years old.

She came to me from Pearl Ridge Mall in Hawaii, where for the whopping price of 6.95 I purchased a small purring bundle of love. Always the smallest of the cats, she was the undisputed Queen and all the others defered to her, allowing her to eat first even when there was gushy food.

Gwen never understood the difference between “carnivore” and “omnivore” - she ate just about anything standing still or moving slowly. In Hawaii she would chase geckos and bring the still-twitching tails to her Mama. Then wait for me to eat them.

Interupted during lunch one afternoon, I left a bowl of beef stew on the coffee table. I returned to find Gwen carefully scooping the carrots out of the stew and eating them. She loved popcorn and edaname.

She loved her Mama. Tiny in size, she had huge purrs and was generous in sharing them.

It’s amazing how someone so small can leave such a huge hole in my heart.

RIP Gweniever. Mama loves you.

My deepest condolences. Fair thee well Gweniever.

I am so sorry. We wish they could live forever. She was a beauty.

Your story reminds me of Barry, the dachshund/black lab mix who would eat stew and just leave the licked-clean carrots and peas behind.

RIP, buddy.

Damn…very sorry to hear that, SCLnefer got it in one – “a beauty” is a perfect description.

I so sorry to hear of your loss. The loss of a beloved pet is a deep sadness.

Sending supporting thoughts your way.

Snakes I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll say a prayer for Gwen and you. That is such a lovely tribute to her. As I said earlier, you can rest assured she knew she was loved and loved you back. RIP Gweniever.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a kitty friend is never easy, even one who lived to be a grand old lady. :frowning:

Aw what a pretty girl she was. I’m so sorry :frowning:

I’m sorry for your loss, SCL.

My sincere condolances, SnakesCatLady. The pain you feel is proportionate to the love you received.


I’m so sorry, SCL. She was a wonderful cat, I know.

I’m sorry to hear about Gweniever, SCL.

Awww - she looks like a ‘smoke’ cat (white undercoat) like my dear departed Molly. So sorry :frowning:

Snakes I’ve already shed a tear or two for Gwen. I said earlier, I know Gwen knows how much she was loved.

Gwen sounds like the Southern States version of Erica

She went off and left us almost two years ago, and we still miss her every day. Little furry things leave big holes. Those two old biddies are probably chasing something to eat right now, together.

Every time I hear of a cat that made an impact on someone’s life passing on, I go back and read this.

Of course then I start blubbering all over again.

Seventeen years, wow! I am sure they were all happy ones. (( SnakesCatLady ))

:frowning: My sympathies. She was beautiful (and I’ve always had a weakness for torties and calicos.)

Farewell, Gweniever. May she rest in peace. :frowning:

I’m sorry, SCL. She couldn’t have had a better, happier home. I’ll give my kitty extra hugs today in memory of Gweniever.

Gwen is now in the company of the great Downtown Spot Brown. He, and she are where ever the best cats go. Well, probably all cats, since they crawl inside our hearts so easily. I’m sorry for your loss.