RIP Norm MacDonald

He’s got a point there, being an artist and committed to his craft. As a viewer/listener, I don’t much care what is art/not-art. They all hit different bones for me.

Basically, songs like “How Did This Happen To Me” were not great achievements in his book, at least not lyrically.

I wonder if he would have liked “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Why Does This Always Happen To Me?

The fact that he was always performing is really obvious in this video–he had been on tour with a bunch of comics, some pretty big names–Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider who sucks, and a less known comic. Norm totally dominates the interview, you can just tell everyone, including the guys who had been traveling with him for months, keeps going back to him.

Norm Macdonald steals the show! :joy: - YouTube

God, you’re not kidding – in that interview, he’s absolute garbage.

What’s with the makeup? A drunk 17-year-old? So much white/pale blue sparkling powder around their eyes.

Norm’s StarSearch routine was also pretty funny.

That sly, infectious-as-damn smile.
Almost a hero to my brother. May youtube hits never stop raining down.

To paraphrase a comment I made in the Death Pool thread, the thing about the moth joke isn’t that he’s dragging out a joke with a lame punchline. It’s how he drags it out that makes it so hilarious. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Are people really that unfamiliar with the humor genre known as the “shaggy dog story”?

Hey, fuck you, clown!

In the case this gets misunderstood, it’s the punchline to a well-known shaggy dog joke.

Going by this definition, would the infamous "Aristocrats’ joke be considered a shaggy dog story?

A shaggy doggy-style story, maybe?

Yes, I would definitely call the Aristocrats a prime example of a shaggy dog story.

A doggie shag story?

The Moth Joke isn’t technically a shaggy dog story because it’s actually a conventional joke. You can tell the difference by just telling it in ten seconds:

A giant moth walks into a podiatrist’s office and says “Doctor, I’m so depressed… my wife hates me, my life is a disaster. I want to kill myself.” The podiatrist says “That’s horrible, but I just work with feet. You need a psychiatrist. Why did you come here?” The moth replies “Cause the light was on!”

It’s not a great joke but it’s a straightforward joke.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

If I posted my favorite Norm jokes, I’d probably get banned.

So, take this instead. A 'Tribute". Hear it in Norm’s voice…

“What do Lance Armstrong and Donald Trump have in common?”

“They are both Assholes.”

How short is this drive?!

Just down to the pharmacy for some aspirin.

Yeah, but it’s turned into a shaggy dog story. (And the original version I heard involves a dentist – not that the details matter. It was told on an episode of Scrubs before Norm told the Colin Quinn extended version on Conan.) While most shaggy dog stories have a completely unclimactic ending, I don’t think the presence of a conventional, but corny, punchline disqualifies it. It’s the whole long, drawn-out part and the performance thereof that defines the shaggy dog, to me. If it’s not technically a shaggy dog story, I can live with that, but it’s certainly very closely related. Maybe call it a shaggy dog joke, as it is a conventional joke, dressed up in shaggy dog story form.