Roadhouse Expanded Edition

Somewhere (possibly on here) I picked up the idea that this was better than the regular film and so put it on my Blockbuster list. Please tell me that I didn’t make a horrible mistake.

Wait… Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze? That Roadhouse? There’s an expanded edition??? How did I not know this? I must own this.

Expanded to show three more feet of high-hair…?

For once, only a smiley is adequate to express my emotions:


Report back and tell us what you thought, please.

The only thing that would make Roadhouse watchable is if it was on MST3K.


That was the first Rifftrax Mike did, and imho, the best so far. I don’t think I ever laughed so much in my life.

Did you know Jeff Healy had to audition four times before he got into the Jeff Healy Band?

Pep! Where the holy heck have you been, girl?

Busy with school and stuff :slight_smile: But I actually haven’t been far. I’ve been lurking a lot, but I didn’t have a spare $15 floating around until recently.

Hah! The bait for my cunning trap worked!

Ok, I’m just trying to convince myself that I knew what I was doing. But I will report back. Ignorance must be fought, no matter the cost… :frowning:

I was wrong, it’s not the expanded version, it’s the deluxe version. Sorry. I have only seen the movie on cable, so scenes that seemed new to me may not to you hardcore Swayze fans. If that’s true, then you are far stronger than I. That, or you probably have totally different priorities than I do when watching this, because in this film, Swayze takes off his shirt a LOT. Lemme fill you in on all the deluxe-y ambrosia this DVD contains:

Commentaries: After I clicked on this feature, I understood why I chose this film. It has a track by the director, which admittedly I have not listened to yet, but may well, because I did not know that anyone named their child Rowdy. That is his name, the director. Awesome.

However, the second commentary is by none other than Kevin Smith :eek: , of Clerks and Mallrats and all them, along with Scott Mosier. He’s just plain hilarious, and sounds like a regular moviegoer. He’s still slightly baffled by how he got this gig and so am I, but gift horses and all that, because he’s pretty damn entertaining. Does a lot of “Chuck Norris facts” as “Dalton facts”, but he laughs at all of them. Worth listening to IMHO.

But that’s not all! You also get an in-depth preview of Road House 2: The LAst Call, in which a brave young DEA agent who is Dalton’s son starts beating up people in bars. Have no seen it but very tempted.

There’s a trivia track that’s amusing as well…I should have watched it along with the Kevin Smith track to double my fun (and not watch the film twice).

“On the Road House” is Swayze, Lynch and Rowdy talking about the film. It’s pretty good if you like the movie (wow Lynch still looks good and Swayze looks old!) “What Would Dalton Do?” is interviews with real bouncers who talk about memorable encounters and are asked how Dalton would deal with those situations. Done in a tongue-in-cheek way.

If you like Road House, or you like that you dislike Road House, or you like Kevin Smith, check it out.

I did not know that Keith David was in this movie.

God forgive me, I might get that movie.

If you still have the DVD, download the rifftrax and watch it with Mike Nelson’s commentary. It is a slice of fried gold, I’m not kidding.

It sounds fabulous. I might just have to add it to my DVD collection. Considering that my DVD collection currently contains only 2 DVDs…well, that’s kind of a big deal. :slight_smile:

We bought the DVD recently but haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been feeling stressed out lately – maybe I should watch this tonight!

God in heaven, that does sound tempting.

That movie has one of the best villain-to-hero lines ever spoken in American cinema:

Henchman to Dalton: “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.”