Robert "The Guy from Twilight" Pattinson - does he ever have a facial expression?

I haven’t, and probably never will have, seen any of these movies but I have seen lots of ads, shorts and reviews. I am surprised to discover that Mr Pattinson is considered to be hot. Every on screen moment I have seen he displays the mien of a guy who has had two too many beers. Every photo of him I see he looks as though he has just been slapped in the face with a frozen fish.

So, can someone who has watched this stuff tell me, does his face ever move? If not does it make any sense that he is so wooden?

He’s capable of smiling…I’ve seen him do it in interviews. I’m not terribly impressed, though.

Frankly, if you stuck him and his Twilight “Saga” costar Taylor Lautner in a room together, I don’t think I’d even notice that Pattinson existed. Were I an 18-year-old irresistable-to-monsters girl, I’d have no soul-searching to do whatsoever.

I’m lusting after Sharkboy. I’m such a dirty old man…

I’ve only seen him in the Harry Potter Goblet of Fire flick and from what I remember he was pretty wooden and forgetable in that.

There are several red carpet photos of him (which I saw when I burned half an hour looking at Go Fug Yourself )that hint that in addition to lacking facial expressions he has either an aversion to or limited access to showers.

There’s a poster for Twilight - New Moon at a Chicago bus stop, and I have to say -is the best Hollywood can do? Is this what passes for “attractive” these days? Presumably, this image has been tweezed to within an inch of it’s life, and yet none of these people look attractive.

Or am I just such a fogey that I’m unaware of what is considered attractive these days? The girl’s face just isn’t that pleasant to look at and the two guys both look constipated.

I read a quote around the first movie’s release where it was revealed that it wasn’t styling gel, but that he had in fact not washed his hair for weeks. Dunno if he’s still going “natural” or what.

My husband and I haven’t read the books or watched the films, but we were both arguing to the commercials that clearly “Beautiful Swan” (aka Mary Sue) should go for the “real”-looking, not cold as a marble statue, wolf dude.

gaffa, I think that the middle guy is just poorly posed/lit in that shot. The other two don’t ever seem to look that interesting.

Yeah, but this is a promotional image for the second film in a major Hollywood franchise. Presumably a cubic assload of money was spent to create this image - high-priced stylists, photographer, photo editor - dozens, possibly hundreds of professionals were involved in putting this image in front of my eyes at this bus stop, all with the intention of getting me to watch this film. I would expect that these young people should be examples of the most attractive people available.

I think Robert Pattinson’s face has settled into a permanent expression of “Oh GOD. I’m DOOMED.”

By all reports, he had no flippin’ idea what manner of hell he was in for when he signed up for these films, and he’s basically consigned himself to be “the guy from Twilight” forever.

Let’s just hope he never co-stars with January Jones…

Facial expressions lead to wrinkles.

Yeah, I have to second this. I’ve never watched the movies or read the books and the whole franchise’s popularity just leaves me kind of baffled, but everything I’ve read about this Pattinson guy, in interviews and such, seems to indicate that he himself doesn’t hold the films in particularly high regard. I remember back when the first movie came out last year and these reports first started surfacing about him taking subtle digs at the story and the original author I was a little surprised because of how unusual that is.

I’d ask a similar question about Kristen Stewart, the girl who plays Bella. I watched the first film (I know, I know) and noticed that not once did I see her smiling.

I’ve seen better facial expressions and acting from concrete.

More on Robert Pattinson’s personal hygiene.

Here and here are a whole bunch of outtakes from his Vanity Fair photoshoot, none of which seem to involve smiling. I’ll let you know if further research turns up anything interesting.

I’ve never seen him smile, either. I’ve started to wonder if it’s a part of his contract, since he reportedly hates doing this teen girl romance stuff.

I have to give the guy props, though. He reportedly used his hatred of teen girl movies to form his character in Twilight, and I think he comes off as the best actor of the bunch. Not that that is saying very much…

Oh, I’m just glad he cut his hair… And I’m also glad to know I’m not the only one to found him unattractive…

Some youngish ladies I know (who should be his big fans) HATE R-Pat (his physical appearance, anyway) with a burning, burning passion. One of them declared “he has a generic man-face” and another said his face resembles a foot!..I dunno, if I were 18, I’d hit that, but I’ve always had a fatal attraction to sullen, unavailable bad boys with lots of hair. I think the girl who plays Bella looks quite the humorless bitch. (Though when you think about it, in her real life, what kind of stuff is being said/written about her? There must be massive jealousy amongs the Twilighters.)

Yeah. It’s not an attractive smile.

The VF pictures are posed, though, aren’t they? They’re not taking pictures of Pattinson (mostly) – they’re taking pictures of Edward Cullen. You wouldn’t expect Edward to smile.

Darnit, you’ve got me thinking about this too much.

I (almost) feel sorry for the guy. He looks like he got way more than he bargained for with Twilight and now he’s trying hard not to let it make him crazy. English actors always seem so low-key – not at all the "Bring it on, baby! I’m gonna be a STAR!" attitude of American actors. On the DVD commentary, he seemed to be relaxed, modest and a bit shy – not quite what I would call cheerful, but not unhappy either.

Yeah. By all reports the whole “I’m not washing my hair” thing pretty much translates to “Oh my GOD! Keep those CRAZY ****ing girls who THINK I’M EDWARD the heck away! AWAY I SAY! OH GOD!”

I’m not saying he’s a great actor, but he’s really NOT pleased to have been caught up in this, and now he’s SOOO stuck with it.