robert tilton, farting preacher

so what does mister tilton think of his underground fame as the farting preacher? has he seen the videos?

Do you purport to own a vast inventory of videotapes documenting a televangelist farting during his many broadcasts on national TV?

Questions arise: Do they come with Dolby Surround Sound? Are they high-definition ready? Are you somehow affiliated with NetFlix?

Are there more than the two volumes I’ve downloaded? Making fun of that putz is great fun, along with any televangelist. Somebody good with Photoshop should do Fred Phelps cruising the strip for a gay hooker.

Ah, Robert Tilton. I suggest you go to Psycho Dave’s place and hit “recreational Christianity” (WARNING: NSFW, and turn your speakers down!). At the top of the page is the “Robert Tilton Fun and Games Page”. Good stuff!

:smack: The front page leads directly to the RT site. Neeevermind!

but none of this unfortuanately answers my question, does mister tilton know? what does he think?

Here it comes!!! Sweet Jesus! Can you feel it?

LOL I know its doctored, but its so well put together. I mean Yes it potty humor… but the expressions are dead on .