Robin Williams, is he creepy or what?

I saw “Insomnia” a couple of months ago and last night saw “One Hour Photo”, co-starring and starring Robin Williams respectively. This guy is one creepy mo-fo, is this the real him or is he just a good actor?

The job of an actor is to pretend, so I’d say he’s a good actor.


How old are you, Phil? You sound like you never heard of him before and never saw one of his MANY movies before and never saw Mork and Mindy? This guy’s been around forever. And he’s a huge talent. And a great humanitarian. And hilarious!

It’s the lines.

Heck, forget Mork and Mindy… Haven’t you ever seen Alladin?

The man is a genius. A genius with a very narrow expertise, to be sure, but still a genius.

Oh, I don’t know how narrow his field of expertise is. The dramatic skills he uses in One Hour Photo and Insomnia were the ones he honed in Good Will Hunting and most splendidly, in What Dreams May Come. He seems to have a good range and usually chooses strong material.

For a slightly more obscure choice, try to find Being Human at your local video store. If you can stand hearing Lorraine Bracco doing a voice-over, it is a very good film and Robin Williams does a great job.

Well, he’s not a one-trick pony, but I would argue that he is a two-trick pony. He’s always either Serious Dramatic Guy (also include Dead Poets Society), or Silly Slapstick Guy. But that’s OK, he’s very good at both.

Awakenings showed that Williams can reign in the mania when he wants to. In that movie he gives a wonderful, modulated, sensitive performance.

Lately, though, I cringe when I see him put in an appearance at something like the Grammys, like he did the other night. The jokes are coming so fast, many of them retreads, and they’re just not getting the laughs.

Takes some genius to make jokes as fast as he does.

What’s age got to do with it? I’ve seen him in “Moscow on the Hudson”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, and a few others, I’m commenting on how he plays, an excellent, evil sick villain.

I’m an improv comic. I’ve never met Williams personally, but I know a lot of people who have. Meeting him is universally considered to be a good thing. Regardless of how creepy he could be in his heart of hearts (and who among us doesn’t have a dark side), he’s worth the risk.

The creepy persona he sometimes uses in his films may be more effective because of the contrast with his sunny public persona. From Harvey Keitel, you expect creepy. From Robin Williams or Mary Tyler Moore, it’s always a surprise.

Having watched the Grammys, I’m almost positive that he was supposed to be up there for just a moment and when the microphone troubles started the director told him to stretch and stay on until they got them fixed. No wonder he reached back and pulled out a bunch of old jokes. Even great comedians find it hard to ad lib coherently when they are totally unprepared.

Well, no, it takes the ability to think of a handful of lines ahead of time and the ability to deliver them frequently and quickly. No genius required.

I’m sorry, but it’s very obvious that Williams improvs to beat-all-hell.
Sure he uses a lot of ‘current’ jokes that are floating around, but the ability to just run with them during a bit or interview is seriously difficult and that’s why you don’t see many like him.

I’d classify him as genius.

<cough> Patch Adams <cough>

Ah, well in that case . . .
It’s called acting. No offense, but if your question about these roles representing “the real him” was some sort of joke, it fell flat.

Careful there’s people reading this with diabetes.

Sometimes it does seem as though he’s wearing a Robin Williams suit. Like there’s someone inside judging our reactions like a computer determining it’s next move. Not that practically every human being doesn’t do this to one degree or another, but it’s a bit startling to notice. Maybe it’s a testament to his talent that when the mask slips for even a split second, the illusion is spoiled so hard. Or maybe I need to up my medication.

Conclusion: He really is that evil.

Could not agree more. He was pathetic and NOT FUNNY.