Roger Ailes has died

Just saw it on the news.

I refuse to speak ill of the dead. But I’m thinking it.

Not sorry to see him go, at least he can’t harass any more women.


Another real life villain escapes justice …
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Existing thread:

Another real life villain escapes justice.
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Well that was about 77 years too late.

He was brilliant. Unfortunately evil as well.

Stop, I can only get so erect.

Now comes out the long knives.

I will honor Mr. Ailes legacy by continuing to pay no attention to FOX News.

This is such a great week to be a Democrat.

According to Wikipedia, the cause of death is being listed as ‘Karma’.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Few people have done quite so much to harm American discourse and democracy as this asshole.

Anyone got a cause of death? Someone just told me he was shot!

His sail barge ran into difficulties near the Sarlaac pit in the Dune Sea.

Here; lemme help you fix that:

TMZ is now reporting he died from a fall, hitting his head.

8 days ago!

Someone’s been reading the AV Club!