"rolleyes" = disorderly conduct?

A number of people on the SDMB don’t like the rolleyes smiley. One poster said it “enraged” him.

Now Elmhurst, IL, a nearby Chicago suburb, wants to arrest people who make the physical gesture. http://triblocal.com/Elmhurst/detail/197722.html

And for those who see even one bit of appeal to the idea, this is also the city which recently considered resuming the recitation of a prayer before city council meetings.



:rolleyes: I knew as soon as I saw this that someone would do this. Grow up. :rolleyes:

My daughter’s teacher once called me in for an emergency meeting. He thought my daughter was having mini seizures in class. I asked him to demonstrate what she was doing. He mimed her doing a very awkward rolleyes. It turns out she was spending much of her day rolling her eyes at him whenever he did something she deemed dopey, and she didn’t realize she was fully visible. Good thing this wasn’t in Elmhurst.

Oh, I hate rolly eyed guy. I loathe him. I don’t know why. I don’t. Generally, sarcastic comments on the Dope don’t bother me all that much. Posts that have the rolly eyed guy in them are generally fine, sans emoticon. It’s just so obnoxious. I picture someone sighing and rolling their eyes in real life.

He’s so mean spirited, too. He just feels like an angry, hateful little smilie.

And the color. God, he looks like a tiny little booger got flecked on the end of someone’s post and they didn’t bother to wipe it off.

Sorry, I have strong feelings about rolly eyed guy.

Isn’t this the purpose of the rolly eyes? To convey disdain and scorn? Is it really any surprise that it evokes such strong emotions? :rolleyes:

Edited to add: The rolly eyes basically means you’re telling someone they’re stupid. How many people react well to that?

But do you have to go out of your way to tell someone you think they’re stupid? I understand attacking their argument if you disagree with it, but just saying, “You’re dumb”? It’s so mean spirited. I know, I know. The Internet is full of people like that, but I’ll never understand them. I don’t necessarily mean being nice all the time–that’s saccharine, but I do prefer to be civil.

It encapsulated my feeling’s about the OP’s item perfectly. I’m conveying disdain and scorn, but not toward anyone here.

If use of the rolleyes emoticon was the most mean-spirited thing going on in SDMB… well, it would be a whole different place.

Well, sure if you want to be a fucking Pollyanna about it.:rolleyes:

I kid.

It’s not just the internet, the world is full of people who like to take cheap shots ((unfortunately, I’m including myself in that equation). It’s easier to call someone stupid than it is to patiently explain to someone a different view point. Note, I’m not saying that’s right, I’m just saying it’s how most people behave.

I hate the phrase mean-spirited so much, I’ve decided that roll-eyed guy is now my favorite smilie! :rolleyes:

Now, if you want to dump a smilie, how about blow job guy? :o

Anyone in support of this needs medication.

If you rolled your eyes at a judge, would she cite you for contempt?

It really is a childish way of responding. I’ve never seen an adult do it in real life, and I assumed nobody here really did. Smileys use exaggerated facial expressions to convey tone in text, when words alone cannot.

And, I don’t know if they’d cite you for contempt, but Judge Judy would call you on it. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her say “Don’t you roll your eyes at me, sir.” (TV is not real life.)

I think the rolleyes (all of the smilies, actually) show a lack of imagination and writing skill. It is like buying a card with text someone else wrote to tell your spouse how you feel. Use your own words.

Considering their over-the-top response to a rolleyes and sigh, I suspect that they don’t deserve much more than a rolleyes. When at a public meeting, one doesn’t always get the chance to speak before the meeting’s over, and it’s certainly far less disruptive than booing, which I’ve seen during some broadcast clips of the more contentious public meetings in Chicago.

I still waiting for a “fuck you” “smiley” guy icon. Though I guess techically it might take two of em.

When my stepson was 14 he was a roll-eyes master. With one look he managed to say, “You’re such a dork. I can’t wait until I’m old enough to move out of Dorksville and be around people who aren’t suffering from dorkitis.” And if he had thrown in a scathing “Whatever” along with the roll-eyes, no jury in the land would have convicted me of manslaughter.

Yep, there’s just something about the roll-eyes. It says you aren’t worth the effort that actual scorn would entail.

I don’t roll my eyes; they often roll under furniture, which makes it very hard to get them back.

You’ve misspelled “euthanizing.”

IRL I do not roll my eyes. I lack the coordination. I’m a fucking zen master of the smirk, however.