Rollin with Saget

I just caught a link to this video from another site.

“I got a cock like a donkey, hard as a rock, and a trigger finger itchier than chicken pox!”


I guess I’ll add “Don’t fuck with Saget” to “You don’t mess with Adam We” on my list of things to remember.

Funny stuff, but to me (possibly) derivative of the insanely hilarious ride Chappelle took with Wayne Brady. Which came first?

“Goodnight, Michelle.” Heh.

Love it! The cameo from Bob Vila (or was that George Lucas?) was nice, too. Of course, I’m a Bob Saget fan, or maybe the Bob Saget fan, so I’m a little predisposed.

What’s “Goodnight, Michelle” from?

You’re a Bob Saget fan and don’t know of a little TV series called “Full House”?

That’s… probably for the best.

Not knowing about “Full House” is the only path to being a Bob Saget fan. You shouldn’t know about “America’s Funniest Home Videos” either.

Not true. I heard him on Opie & Anthony and was impressed that he’s nothing like his “Full House” character. Guy’s hilarious.

But then you’d lose the joy of the cognitive dissonance that comes of hearing him talk about the nasty things he’d like to do to/with the Olsen twins. :smiley:

I think “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is the funniest show on television, but Saget was a bad match for it. His schtick is 100% irony, and the videos are 100% straightforward. A good AFV host will be minimally distracting from the videos, which are the point of the show. Tom Bergeron is far better.

Saget’s stand-up is the reason I’m a fan. His turn in The Aristocrats was a scream. His incredible rapid-fire delivery, and masochism verging on ritual self-abasement, are an obvious Rodney Dangerfield legacy. I could watch him do stand-up for hours.

That was definitely Lucas.

It would have been funnier if I were only familiar with him from Full House and AFV, rather than knowing his standup (which is fiiiiiilthy). But, not bad.