Ron White, the new Dean Martin?

A couple of days ago on Comedy Central, I watched a little bit of stand up by Ron White. I didn’t really care for it, but I did watch enough to notice this. He had glasses of water with him, and periodically, he’d pull out a flask and pour it in the water. Now, normally, I can’t tell if a person’s drunk, or high, even if they’re standing right next to me, but watching him, I had two strong feelings. First, yes, that really was alcohol he was drinking, and second, he’d been drinking lots of it. To me, when they showed close ups of his face, he looked sloshed. Also, as his routine went on, he was acting more and more silly and somewhat incoherent.

Today, on Comedy Central, I watched two episodes of Blue Collar TV. At the end of the second episode, he made a guest appearance. Holding a cigarette in one hand, and glass full of…oh hell, I rarely drink, so I don’t what it’s supposed to be. Now, despite the fact that I’ve heard that drinking real alcohol on TV is supposed to be illegal, looking at him, I had a feeling that, again, it was real, and he drank a lot of it. Yes, he made a little joke about not remembering being asked to be on the show when he’s sober, but I wonder how much of an act it really is.

Now, like I said, I usually can’t tell if a person’s drunk or high, even when I’ve been with them, so maybe I’m totally off here. If anybody else saw these shows and knows what I’m talking about, am I right? Is he pretty much sloshed all the time, or is it an act?

He does looked sloshed. Every time I’ve seen him perform, he has looked a little drunk. So, if you’re wrong, I’m wrong with you.

I thought showing alcohol being drunk in an ad was illegal. Oh well. Anyway, yes, he does seem to be drinking for real, and it works with his act. I hope he doesn’t have a problem, because from what I’ve seen he’s very funny.

I’ve been a RW fan for over 15 years now. I can’t imagine he drinks so heavily that often and still keeps his wit. No idea if he’s on the wagon, but I suspect when performing it’s more an act. At least most of the time.

Only saw him in person once, in Sacramento. I’m guessing that it’s alcohol, but he didn’t sound like he was getting drunk that night. Didn’t seem drunk after the show, while he was signing autographs, either.

He made a joke out of being the only person in the building who could smoke. Since it was a part of his act, the first amendment protected him from the regulations as long as he was onstage.

I saw Ron White last year. I snuck out to the bar for a cigarette during the warm-up guy and there was Ron, knocking them back pretty hard. Since we were the only people in the bar and he was there before me I didn’t think it was for show. He wasn’t fall down drunk but kind of loosened up. So I think that yes, it is part of his act, but it ain’t all acting.

Yeah, I first caught this guy about 4 or 5 yrs ago and I’m glad he was part of the Blue Collar thing, cause that guy is funny.

I would venture it’s mostly an affectation, but based on his real persona. If that makes any sense.

A funny note, now that he’s popular, several friends have told me he reminds them of me. Hmmm… :dubious:

I like all the Blue Comedy Tour guys, although Larry is my least favorite, if I had to rank them. He is just oh-so-slightly creepy.

Jeff and Bill are tied.

But I could sit and listen to Ron White tell stories all day long.

I think the drinking/smoking is part of his schtick. I don’t think he’d be that successful if he got stinking drunk every time he did his act.

I don’t know whether or not he is drinking on stage but it is obviously not an act. He is talking from experience. Falling down, thrown in jail, puking on yourself experience. Dean Martin was faking it.

One of my all-time favorite lines was delivered by him:

Now, when the cops showed up, I had the right to remain silent - but had lost the ability.

I use it when I can, although the truth is I never have problems with police…

"I was drunk in a bar. They threw me into publick. I want to be drunk in a bar…which is perfectly legal.

Arrest them."

Maybe he’s our generation’s Foster Brooks.

IMHO, he does look like a guy who puts back a few on a regular basis. Now based of what I saw him doing on the Comedy Central stand up show a few weeks ago, I can consume that same amount of brown liquor over the same period of time without becoming too intoxicated. It’s not like he killed a bottle or anything. He had two what looked to be whiskey and waters, over the course of an hour. No big whoop.
Bet you can’t get those with coopins either…

Not much I can add.

I was “forced” to watch “The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Movie” and was kinda surprised that the only guy I never heard of before (White) was the funniest (to me) among Foxworthy, Engvall and Larry. I think a part of the appeal is his “storytelling” style kinda humor; a bit Southern too. It reminds me a little of Jerry Clower in a way.

Speaking of cigs and a drink though, I caught Redd Foxx doing stand-up on a Flip Wilson marathon on TV Land about a month ago. Same thing here with White (cig in one hand, drink in another). Foxx comes out and there’s a stool with a drink already there waiting for him. As soon as he put away one cigarette, he lit up another while telling jokes. I kinda doubt a stand-up could get away with that now on Leno or Letterman.

I laugh like crazy when he talks about how his state (Texas) has an express lane for Death Row inmates. And I’m against the death penalty.

I think it’s a sign of good comedy, when you disagree with what they’re saying and can still appreciate the humor. (I liked Dennis Miller’s HBO show too.)

Anyone know if his lawsuit against Sears is for real? Has it been decided yet?

I listened to part of an album of his, and I didn’t find it near as funny. I think a large portion of what makes him funny is his facial expressions and the way he carries himself. He kills me on Comedy Central, but his album left me all meh-y.

Dave Allen used to spend quite a bit of time on his show sitting in a chair with a drink (usually scotch) in one hand, a cigarette in the other telling jokes. Of course, this was British TV from the 70s to the 80s, so he could get away with it.

Best bit of Ron White’s was him bitching about a pair of sunglasses costing more than his TV.

White: These sunglasses cost $400? That’s more than my TV!
Clerk: You don’t get it, sir.
White: No, you don’t get it. My TV decrypts satellite signals from fucking outer space!

[during his story about a small plane he was on which developed serious trouble, said to the nervous person next to him]

On the plus side, we’ll get to the crash site a good thirty minutes before the paramedics.

Funniest guy on the Blue Collar Tour. Best line:

“I didn’t know how many of them it would take to kick my ass, but I knew how many they were gonna use!”