Rose is Rose

Help settle a debate between Friend Across Town and myself.

In the comic strip Rose is Rose, Rose is occasionally seen as a biker. Not even a biker “chick”, but a biker in her own right, all bad, with the leather and spikes. He claims that Rose really was a biker before she became a mom/housewife, and those panels are flashbacks.

I say, bull-dookey, that’s her alter ego or suppressed desire or whatever you call it.

So who’s right?

(One of my favorite cartoons.)

It’s an alter-ego thing - she has also turned into a little girl (when being sniffing play-doh and other positive remembrances of childhood), become a bear (protection her cub/son, when interviewing potential baby-sitters), a prairie girl (enjoying the ‘simple life’), and a prisoner in her ‘dungeon of resentment’.
Mmmmmm. Rattlesnake chili. Yum.

Alter ego, definitely.

One of the best – and certainly the most underrated – comic strip out there.

Ditto what screech-owl said.

I love this comic! Especially when Pasquale’s guardian angel grows all big to protect him.

Agreed on both points. The art in that strip is simply outstanding. Although the subject matter is often a bit too cutesy for my taste.

No, Rose isn’t really a biker.

Next you’re going to tell me you think Pasquale can really pilot a spaceship.

mmmmm…Rose is sooo hot! (especially in biker-mode)

That is all.

from the Rose is Rose Meet the Characters page at

I don’t think any such thing; Friend Across Town does!

Thanks for the info, though.