(I meant that to be capitalized, but it looks like an all-caps title is not allowed.)

Reading the thread title, what came to your mind, “role-playing game” or “rocket-propelled grenade”?

This should be a question in some personality test. :slight_smile:

A role playing game using rocket propelled grenades.

Role-playing game. Though I could use some of the other things too.

Role-playing game

and where do I sign up?


I thought it was something-or-other per gallon, and was thinking, “Bloody hell. What measurement have those weird-arsed Yanks come up with now?” :smiley:

Role Playing Game, for sure. To be more specific, a console roleplaying game (sorry, I’m not into table top ones).

Role Playing Game, but since this is the SDMB, I thought it was a fetish-type sexual role playing game. That’s why I clicked the link, actually!

Role playing game. But that was probably influenced by the fact that I meant to go to CS instead of IMHO.


But Chrono Trigger type RPG, not Dungeons and Dragons type RPG.

The first RPG should’ve been “role playing game” :smack:

So thus far most people are geeks rather than destruction-minded. :smiley:

Honestly, I looked at the title and thought “Is he talking about Role Playing Game (most likely) or the programming language.” I totally spaced on rocket propelled grenade, for some reason.

And, no, I am not a programmer or computer geek by any stretch of the imagination.

I though “Oh cool, video games!” then immediately followed that up with “Or maybe he’s talking about rocket propelled grenades… cool!”

I always think “rocket-propelled grenade.” It goes back to the fact that I used to absolutely LOVE the movie “Red Dawn,” and a lot of RPGs get fired in that movie.

I thought “Role playing grenade.”

Okay, actually, I thought “Dungeons and Dragons.”

I thought “Hmm…I wonder if this is about Role-playing or missile launchers. Probably the latter since it’s in IMHO and not Cafe Society.”

The same here. I usually try to figure it out from context.

Incidentally, I’ve had experience with both.

Role-playing games. I just started playing D&D again for the first time since Jr. High.

Role playing. I’m a geek. Really, a really, really bad geek. Someone said RPG, meaning the weapon, and I got confused. Aiming with a group of geeks sittign around a table, what? Then I realized what that meant.