You were right about one thing…this shouldn’t continue in the Shitboy’s Revenge thread.
I know I shouldn’t do this, but OH WELL…I just have to say:
First of all, your attempt to prove to me how successful and un-trash like you are is pointless. You could own the moon and still not be able to prove it. It will say, however, that it felt like I struck a nerve…maybe hit a little to close to home.

Far be it from me to condemn anyone based on their economic background. The trailer-park trash thing wasn’t about being poor. it was about the MENTALITY you exhibit when you say really STUPID things like, “You just want to see him suffer”. Equating “suffering” to paying women for child support.

Furthermore, you proved your innate hatred of women with this precious little gem:
“You probably are the type of woman who has total control over the household, and would take hubby to the cleaners if he ever strayed, at any cost.”

I don’t really need to answer that. That statement just proves that your emotional development stopped at about the 5th grade “boys vs girls”.

Since you really have no idea of what I’m like at home with my family, that is laughable. As are you.

That’s a lot of typing and not saying anything. For you to become my new hobby, you’ll have to do better. We know you’re an idiot, and a reactionary, you proved that in Kelli’s thread. I’m not here to provide a public service to your poor husband by distracting you for a few moments a day. Now put on your thinking cap and really let me have it.



Proving, once again, that if you can’t argue a point on its merits, just call the person some names & don’t talk about the issues raised. Sorry Bubba–that’s 3rd grade emotional development: “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”. And you’re raising kids???

Oh well, at least you DO have a woman at home to love your kids, wipe your ass, and wash your skid-marked underwear. That is, until she gets tired of that trailerpark bullshit…(which might be soon unless she is also emotionally challenged). How old is she by now? 25? 28? When she grows up, she’ll leave your rednecked, male-chauvinist, lard-ass, klingon-butt so quickly, you won’t even have time to grunt.

Don’t worry, though, in the trailerpark I’m sure there are throngs of other little girls lining up to be beaten into a perfect little wifey for you and to “give you” more children. Just say, “bend over” and show them how it’s done.

If you are not literate enough to understand my last post, then I apologize for fighting with a developmentally disabled adult. This could all be cleared up by a simple question: When you rode the bus to school, did you ride on a BIG bus, or was it one of those little buses?

Just an observation as I don’t care about this little flame-fest enough to get involved, but isn’t this statement. . .

. . .a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black considering your personal attack on Bubba?


Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

I feel like the fucking referee here, but again, pot meet kettle.

A C&P from a response to RTA:

Hey, far be it from me to chastise someone for calling people names, hell, I have been known to do the same thing in more than a few threads, but you really need to practice what you preach if you are going to jump his ass.


You kids have at it, I have other things to do.

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

Please keep me and my thread outta this…I didnt make that post to start a war. I was looking for nancy drew type tips if I recall.

Lets all just make up now…'kay?


You misunderstood my quote, "Proving, once again, that if you can’t argue a point on its merits, just call the person some names & don’t talk about the issues raised. "

I didn’t say don’t call names. I said don’t avoid what I said and JUST call names. In each of my quotes that you pointed out, I was addressing specific things the poster said. I didn’t just start flame throwing in the air. Additionally, I APOLOGIZED to RTA for what I said. Did you miss that? Here it is again:
Personal note to RTA:
Sorry I was so harsh in my post addressed to you…I shouldn’t have gone off on you like that.

I’m sorry that I started this flame thing in your thread about a very serious issue.


Maybe it’s just me, but reading both threads again, it still appears that you are jumping his ass for something you are more guilty of doing.

Ooops - I said I was going to leave the two of you alone to fight it out.


Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

Okatym, you do such a good job of making yourself look stupid, I’m tempted to just to let you continue to make an ass of yourself. The record speaks for itself.

Kelli has a habit of venting here on the board about how her ex stiffs her for support. She goes on about how the guy is lazy, deceptive and an ex-con. A suggestion was made by a few posters, myself one of them, that maybe things might, just might, be easier if she let it go. That’s how cool heads tend to think. Not to let it go, just consider it. Okatym decide to out of the blue, flame another poster, and I called her on that.

I was speaking from experience, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Ms Okatym probably was too. Remember the “touched a nerve” point you brought up? From the way you deal with the slightest confrontation, odds are that you really are a struggling single mother, but for today, we’ll allow you your fantasy.

Now, if you wish to continue slinging insults back and forth that have no basis, I can and will oblige. It’s fun, and can be entertaining for those who want to spectate.

I mean, really, am I the only one here with visions of a morbidly obese underpaid secretaty, with a handful of kids, looking for Mr Goodbar? Calling her lawyer who doesn’t want anything to do with her any more because her “shitboy” won’t come pick up the kids? If that’s not the case, is it far away from being reality?

Okatym, (and BTW, what is “Okatym”, a failed hooked on phonics exercise?), go back and reread your own words, let it sink in, and get back to us.


Coming from somone who has such poor taste and judgement that you screwed up the most important decision of your life (picking a mate with which to have babies), your criticism of me is truly ridiculous.
It’s funny, Bubba, every time you reply, it always comes out degrading to women. It sounds like you really hate women. This could imply 1 of 2 things:

  1. You are coming to terms with your homosexuality.
  2. You are a masochist and want to be corrected by a real woman.

Since I can’t accomodate your homosexual fantasy, all I can say is “Get over here, you worm and lick my boots. Then bend over, Bubba and take it like the girl you want to be.”

Popcorn!!! . . . Peanuts!! Getcher programs right here!!


Gee, how come Therealbubba gets this criticism leveled at him by you, but kelli doesn’t? I’m beginning to think that maybe you are just hostile towards men.

Allow me to add my two cents then I’ll go away.

My wife has a friend (they’ve known each other since childhood) who went through an emotional wringer trying to collect support from a deadbeat.

I won’t trouble you with the details, except to tell you that she had a nervous breakdown about 5 or 6 years ago. The children stayed with us for nearly a month while she was in the hospital.

When she got herself together, she went to court, got his visiting rights revoked, and even got a restraining order.

This guy has been out of her life for more than 4 years. Where is he and what’s he doing? Who cares? The emotional roller coaster ride that she and her children suffered are over.

It’s been tough, but they made it. They are a family.

It’s true that this woman has had the support of family and friends who rallied in her time of need, and not everyone is that fortunate. Many mothers simply can’t manage without the support payments.

Bubba expressed a conceren for the emotional well being of the children and suggested an alternative.

For this he got burned?

Yes, baseless insults, that’s the ticket!

Don’t take it out on me because I have good family and you don’t. It is becoming more and more apparent that your family life is in shambles, but I will give you credit for not making the trailer park reference for the first time. I was beginning to think you were lashing out at your own sorry childhood.

As for the attempt at a homosexual insult, (grasping?) you’ve proven yet another character flaw, homophobia. You know what, if you represented women in this world, I would gladly get fucked up the ass hundreds of times daily than face the sight of you.

Now, it wasn’t me who started the pot calling the kettle black thing, but are you that numb that you don’t see what a complete ass you are making yourself out to be?



Nobody is slamming my mate choices because I am not flaming anyone!You both gave me advice based on personal experience, and I truly appreciated it, I never meant for any of this to result in this horrible debaucle of two posters I so admire!

AAAAK! Listen to yourselves:
" My family is the best!"
“NO, my family is the best!”

“Well, MINE is the best adjusted!”
“no, MINE is the most well adjusted!”

“Well, you’re a loser!”
“No, you’re the loser!”
Please stop.
I’ll give you cookies…


Mmmmmmaybe… :wink:

…with nuts?

And ice cream!

We all want ice cream!

Wally Haiku

Quote by Bubba:
Now, if you wish to continue slinging insults back and forth that have no basis, I can and will oblige. It’s fun, and can be entertaining for those who want to spectate.

I was having fun…I thought Bubba was too. I thought that was the point of asking me to the pit. Sorry Kelli. I’ll be nice.

Hey, Bubba,
Sorrrryyyy I said you were a homersexual, and anything else I might have said about you being a redneck, pickup-truck, beer-belly, slime bucket, trailer-park trash, male-chauvinist, lard-ass, klingon-butt, developmentally disabled adult. Also, if I somehow hurt your feelings, I apologize.

Thank you for the first real flame war I’ve had. It was, well, more fun than getting a pap smear. :slight_smile:

Katy O’M…