Rugby fans: I met Stu Wilson and Eric Rush

Sitting here in Melbourne after a week of a corporate event. Last night we rented out a pub, and Stu Wilson gave the group an introduction, did the “haka” by himself, and drank a pretty impressive amount of beer. Today, we took the whole crew over to watch the second match of the Rugby World Cup between the All Blacks and Italy. As part of the festivities, Eric Rush gave one of the funniest speeches I’ve ever heard. Rich stuff. Talking about meeting with the queen, nicking ashtrays out of Buckingham palace, a teammate asking Princess Di out and that sort of stuff.

I sat at Stu’s table and he was a real friendly and hilarious guy. Amazingly humble.

They were both great guys with a simply amazing capacity for lager. Generous to a fault with their fans and autographs and photos. One guy at the table called his father who happened to be in Laos and would miss the game, passed the phone over to Stu, and Stu had a real chat with the guy for about 5 minutes. Funny as hell too, as Stu was playing up to the crowd at the table.

Anyhoo, to real rugby fans out there, apologies it was me and not you at the lunch. That said, it was a real honor to take part.

That’s pretty neat. Are you gonna be in Melbourne for long? Gonna watch the rest of the matches?

From what my buddies have told me, Eric Rush seems to be a pretty down-to-earth and really nice chap. Dammit, wish I was there!

You spawny get!

You know, I was watching the Auckland-Canterbury game last night on Fox Sports World. That’s all the Rugby I can watch here in Houston, so I try to watch what I can.

I happen to play Wing, you know.

Back in the office now trying to get caught up. Here’s what Stu wrote in my program:

Enjoy the game…AB v Italy

Go you good thing…go

Stu Wilson

Also during our many beers over lunch, I taught Stu to say “take a whiz” instead of “have a pee.”