Rumble Tractor, the toy from the Twilight Zone

My sister bought my son a Rumble Tractor for Christmas this year. It makes tractor noises, plays “Green Acres” and says several farm-related phrases. Today he was playing with it and it was running through its usual line-up: “Bale the hay!”, “Rise and shine!” “Check on the chickens!”, when all the sudden it said in the same loud and cheerful voice **“If you build it, they will come!” ** :eek: :confused: :dubious:

I thought I was hearing things but my husband heard it too. It said it once more a few minutes later, but hasn’t said it since despite our best efforts to make it repeat it.

Apparently, my sister got it from her local Target over in the Twilight Zone, where they’re big fans of Kevin Costner.

If it says, ‘My name is Rumble Tractor, and I don’t think I like you,’ run away! :eek:

If it asks you “Do you want to see something really scary?” DO NOT ANSWER! :eek:

If your son talks about sending you to the cornfield, run fast!!

Just drop it in the Salvation Army toy bin. It’ll never escape.

When it says “Ease his pain” it is talking about me and I could use a few hundred bucks.