Rush at Hollywood Bowl

I am a longtime big fan but I had never seen them live. All expectations were exceeded. One of the most amazing shows I have ever seen, so much so that I was motivated to buy tickets for the Irvine Meadows show the moment I got home. I will be there later today.

If you are even thinking about going to see this tour, go for it. They are at the peak of their art and talent, and they really brought it. They did two 90 minute sets and a 3 song encore. This is a group that loves their fans and they really like to put on a show. There are still tickets for future dates from Ticketmaster, and better ones at places like Stubhub for a little more money, and I would jump on it. :cool:

They do seem to enjoy themselves, don’t they.

I’ve been going to see them since the early 80s and it’s always a good time. I’ve got tix to the Cleveland show at the end of August. Should be fun.

Who ?

( I jest. My fave band is Yes and they just did their 35th Anniversary Tour a few years ago. Nice… that the old boys can still rock the house. )


Um, are you aware that an LA traffic reporter has been using you name? Unless you ARE that traffic reporter. In which case I worship you as a God.

Two other bands I love. I have a Yes cd in my van right now. Thank God for musicians that don’t just write silly love songs.

And JC, I am kind of ashamed, but I just got tickets for the show at the Germain in Columbus for the 2nd. My Cousin who I am close to but don’t see enough and has had a really bad year, is also a huge fan, and I haven’t been out there to see him in more than a year, and I thought it would cheer him up, so I figured WTF, I’ll come out, spend a week, and from what I read it may be the last major show at the Germain before they knock it down, so it will be historic. So we will be around there. My Cousin lives near Steubenville at the moment, so maybe we can get together for some beers, eh? It’s a beauty way to go.