Russell Hantz accused of leaking Survivor spoilers

Those of you who follow Survivor like I do might know that for the past couple of seasons, there has been a poster on Survivor Sucks who has been accurately posting the boot order and eventual winner. Looks like that poster got his info from the evil Russhole himself:

Article here.

Looks like Russell is a villain inside and outside the game! If proven true, it means he was in violation of his contract and could lose all his winnings. Too bad the powers that be didn’t discover this until after he had been cast for the upcoming season. (Starting on Wednesday, btw.)

But he wasn’t on the season that just wrapped up, how would he have information?

Oops, you’re right, I misspoke. Not the last two seasons, but the two seasons he was on. Last season was so bad I guess I blocked it from my memory. :stuck_out_tongue:

But now that I think about it, it does seem like missyae was spoiling for this past season as well. I don’t know how Russell would have known about that, except that supposedly once you’ve played Survivor, you become part of the “family.” Maybe someone else was leaking secrets to him. I’m not sure I’m remembering that right, though.

You’ve got to be kidding me. They are putting Rob and Russell back in again??? Ugh. I’ve been a die-hard *Survivor *fan from the beginning, never missing a single episode. But this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. I have no interest in watching Survivor: Rerun Island.

Well, if true, Mark Burnett will surely never have Russell on again.

/feverishly knocking on wood

Almost total agreement–the “almost” being the part where I tuned out halfway through last season. It pained me to desert, but I could not watch another minute of that smirking troll. I’d also finally had it with the blatant editing manipulations–just let the audience see what’s happening and let us make up our own minds.

Goddamn Burnett for fucking up a show I used to enjoy by turning it into **The Russell Show. **

Ah well, I have some excellent titles in my Netflix queue, and the third season of **Breaking Bad **is due to be released soon! :cool:

The article specifically mentions it was for seasons 19 and 20, the two seasons he was on.

Apparently the guy from “Survivor Sucks” wasn’t able to provide similar spoilers for season 21, the season Russell wasn’t on which, to me, strengthens the case against Russell.

I’m actually surprised Russell is commenting about this on his facebook page.

Were I him, I would keep my mouth shut or give the standard, “On the advice of my attorney, I cannot answer.”

He’s even dumber than I thought.

I never understood why so many people thought he was such a great player. I thought his playing skills sucked because he fundamentally misunderstood that your ultimate goal should not be to make “big moves” that impress the viewing audience, but to be the person the jury chooses to give the money to.

He didn’t understand that nobody “wins” the million dollars. It’s given to them by the jury. Sandra, Parvati, and the girl who beat him the first time understood that, but he didn’t and so he played in such a way that he guaranteed he couldn’t win and got to the final tribal council not so much because of his skills, but because everybody realized he made a great goat.

Is it him or his wife? He’s posting about his wife being innocent on his Facebook.

The last seaon, the one with Jane, Naonka, etc. had lots of spoilers posted, right down to the final episode before the live reveal and Russell wasn’t on that season.

No more Russell ever ever ever again. The man’s an arrogant, sexist, stupid, loud mouthed creepy, half witted troll. He belongs under a bridge not on national television.