Survivor 20, Heroes vs Villians. Who'll be in it?

We have any idea who’ll be a part of season 20 of survivor? I hope Shambo isn’t in it. One season of her is more than enough for me.

Can Russell Hantz (evil russell) be in it?

Any confirmation on the contestants yet?

There’s spoilers all over the internet if you look for them.

TWOP Spoilers.

ETA: Warning: the spoilers include posts about who won Season 20, much later in the linked thread. If you’re interested in just the cast, the second post has that info.

We know one person for certain won’t be on it: Richard.

If Russell is on it, he’ll be at an advantage because they filmed it before the last season aired.

Boy that’s one sucky list.

I dunno, I’d love to see Coach again, and I’d love to see Sugar again.

Plus maybe a few people with actual names.

Warning for anyone who cares: That TWOP thread has a full spoiled boot list, including the name of the winner (it’s not in or even really near the linked post, but it’s in there).

Ah, good, I’m glad I didn’t read past the OP (of the linked thread).

I’ll add a warning to the OP (of this thread).

Twix, that is why I didn’t list anyone or even put into spoiler boxes.

Without revealing anyone’s name, I do think it’s ridiculous that they’d allow someone a THIRD chance.

No prob – I was just going by my own personal fangirl preference, which is that I’d be cool with knowing who the cast is going in, but not who won. Thus I wanted to make it clear to others that by clicking on your link, they can find out the former, but that they shouldn’t continue reading if they want to avoid the latter.