Survivor: Heroes v Villains

Cast has been announced.

A blogger’s take

I agree with the blogger that I don’t remember Danielle. And I remember Sandra Diaz as a Hero.

So this marks the third time previous contestants are let back on. 7 of this cast were on one of those shows (2 Villains, 5 Heroes).

Anyone know about the timing of filming vs last season?

We’ll see how this one goes.

Yes, it started filming in early August and fortunately, wrapped right before the terrible tsunami of September 20th. Both camps and Ponderosa were destroyed but the crew and cast were gone.

I have to find a way to watch some of the earlier seasons. iTunes has the newer ones on sale, but I’m unemployed, so I’m off to the library and…other places.

Note: None of these folks know Russell and he didn’t know he’d lost Samoa before this.

I can’t believe Coach is considered a Villain.

I wish they’d gotten Yaoman back out there again. That guy was a genius.

I remember that blogger! He wrote about NYPD Blue.

I’ll watch, even though I haven’t seen every show, and I don’t know all the players.

Interesting group. Some I like, some I hate. Some decent eye-candy that will get voted off too early. I’ll be watching.

I haven’t watched the last two seasons (so I don’t know Coach or Russell), but this might lure me back.

Randy, Coach, Russell and Boston Rob all on the same tribe? They shouldn’t even bother with cameras in the heroes camp.

ETA: What the hell is with Amanda’s picture? Looks like she had collagen injections to her entire face.

Yeah, he’s probably got the biggest advantage going in.

Parvati Shallow? Time for a name change.

This should be good. I expect a Hero to win. The Villains will be a mess, although I expect a few Heroes to turn villain in order to get ahead.

On second thought… I see a few already winners in the Hero group, but none in the Villains. Am I mis-remembering?

I hope they all make it to the tribal merge so Cerie can work her invisible voodoo magic on them. She’d figure them all out in 20 minutes and start f’ing with them immediately.

Candice… Courtney… Danielle… who are some of these people?

But otherwise, I think it’s a good group. Say what you will about Boston Rob, but I love him (especially after his turn on TAR). And Fireman Tom. And (Hot) Amanda. And Tyson. And JT. And Cirie. And I think I was the only person who liked Sandra her first go round.

I stopped watching halfway through the last season (school was taking up all my time and I dropped Survivor for the first time ever), but I’m really excited for this season.

Sandra won. No idea why she’s a “Villian” though.

Oooh, too bad, that season only got interesting toward the end. Russell was really cool.

Good cast. Nice mix of people I like and people I love to hate. Plus a few “who the hell is that?” choices.

Here’s a nice bit with first-person remarks on strategy from all contestants, plus comments from Jeff Probst.

just because he hasn’t been seen on TV would make it kinda harder because people have personae they can exploit and Russell will have a magnifying glass on him for any move he tries any mistake can be amplified and any character flaw enlarged. You can’t say that he’s special. I’m just disappointed that some people get a third try at winning a million dollars. Can’t they use other contestants? I don’t need to see Boston Rob again, he’s good TV I admit, but give other alumni a chance.

Colby and Tom slash!

I think it’s probably pretty hard to find Survivor alums that 1) want to compete again and 2) people remember. I remember they had to up the non-winner’s payouts for the first All-Stars to get people to come back, and even then they had a hard time. Amber basically got cast because they couldn’t find anyone else.

It’s an okay cast, for the most part. Yeah, it would have been nice if they’d brought back some more one-timers instead of some of those we’ve already seen twice before. There are four previous winners here, IIRC: Tom, Sandra, Parvati, and JT. On the other hand, I am glad to see Boston Rob and Stephanie again.

Thank god for no Shambo! I could do without Tyson’s smarmy persona. Courtney was funny in a snarky kind of way, but not much of a player. And I still don’t understand why Probst has such a hard-on for Coach.

If they’re smart, Cirie will be the first one voted out. She can read people like a book and she’s one of the sneakiest players ever.

Lots of VERY strong physical players here–James, Colby, Tom, Stephanie, JT, Rupert, Tyson, and Coach. That should make the challenges interesting.

One thing that bugs me a bit about these all-star seasons is that many of the players come into this game already knowing each other very well, and not just from watching each other’s Survivor seasons. Apparently many of them hang out together in real life and so there are a lot of behind-the-scenes relationships and baggage that we aren’t fully aware of.

I may have to marathon the rest of the season on Fancast before Heroes vs Villains. But it irritates me that Russell got interesting because her jackassery was part of the reason I dropped it.

Russell could have quite an advantage here. No one had seen his style of play, so it could work again. His downfall is the social aspect of the game. This could cast him the win a second time.