Rysdad…I have an [b]AXE[/b] to grind!

OK More specifically I have Paul Bunyan’s AXE to grind and you don’t!!!


Care for a little SDMB wager on the outcome of this weekend’s game? Hey we have both lost to Northwestern so playing for pride is out the window.



What are ya yell’r??



Vikings lose to Tampa and the Gophers lose to Northwestern and you can’t scare up a Minnesotan?

(taps fingers and waits patiently while sharpening Axe and shining Lombardi Trophies)

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ve been in Tampa with my son. We had a great time at Busch Gardens, deep sea fishing, water parks, the Tampa Aquarium, and general screwing off.

And what do I find upon my return? Some cheeseheaded challenge from a buggered Badger.

Hell, yeah, I’ll take a bet on the Axe returning to it’s rightful home. What’s it gonna be? Lefse versus cheese? Lutefisk versus beer? What’s your fancy?

sled, I’d jump into this little wager you’re making, but in all honesty I’m still picking the crow out of my teeth from last Sunday :frowning:

Hey, at least it wasn’t the Bears…

That’s right…. I forgot you were out of town. Other than the events of Sunday afternoon I hope you had a good time in the Tampa area.

Lutefisk for beer my ass!!! Lutefisk for Wisconsin River Mud maybe…
Seriously…you actually eat that… that…stuff?

We have Beer, cheese, beer-cheese soup, brats.

What are you guys famous for? The Minnesota Pickle???

I’ll have some fresh venison sausage in about 2 weeks if that would interest you.

Otherwise…we could just do the loser spending a week sucking up to the inherent greatness of the winner’s team in posts on the Message Board.

This Axe is my Axe
It is not your Axe
You can not have it
And surely can’t win it
This Axe was made for Wisconsin

Hmmm…isn’t there a Vikings-Packers game this weekend as well?

Pot stirrer…

And for the record there is no Packer-Viking game this weekend. (You had your order mixed up and I’m not talking alphabetically)

Now on Monday, while the Gophers are still licking their wounds there is a Packer game in that Marshmallow looking Humpty Dome. I’ll extend a secondary wager on that one. Blind Faith shall deliver me.(quick somebody call Eric Clapton)

So the Gopher fans are forfeiting???

WOOHOOOO Look at my nice shiny Axe…

I know you guys raise a lot of chickens there but come’on!!!

Very well.

The loser shall spend the next week, posting at least once daily, extolling the virtues of Minne…uh, I mean, the winner.

Better break out your Thesaurus and rhyming dictionary, Sledski.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

OK done.

Now this is riding on the Axe game correct?

You must be busy catching up at work I never thought it would take that much taunting to get this done.

Badgers 41 - Gophers 20

Just thought I’d make it easier for Sledman to locate his thread.

F**k 'em Bucky!!!


Should’ve bet on the hockey game. The Gophers shut out WI 4-0.

Oh well, a bet’s a bet. I’m off to create a particularly unpleasant (to me) thread.

I said I would, so I did, and and here it is