S.A.A. (you might be, too)

Hello, my name is Sara, and I am a Sock Addict.

Chorus: Hi, Sara!

Is there a twelve-step program involved here?

If people want to help me make one, I’m all for it. I guess step 1 would be “throw out the pairs of socks you haven’t worn in the last year or two because you ain’t gonna love them again any time soon.”

…and somewhere down the line should be “sue Old Navy and Gap for making socks that are all too pleasing to the eye and foot.”

My name is Zoe and I am also a sock addict.

I have an entire chest of drawers of nothing but socks.

It began when my mother-in-law worked for a discount socks store. No matter how many socks I gave away, she gave me more. Leg warmers too. Then long, thigh-high horizontally black and yellow striped socks. Those were my favorites.

Now my favorites are denim colored knee socks that lace up with brown suede ties. Too cool! However, I am sixty years old and they look a little weird on me.

Help me.

Hi Zoe!

You have socks that lace up? That’s high intensity socks. They may as well be boots!

Know what bugs me? I’ve had this sock thing for years, and my friends know it (especially ones that lived with me in the dorms) so they’ll buy me socks as gifts, but they get the idea totally wrong. I like funky and fun colors and designs, NOT socks with lobsters or farm animals or kitties (even tho I love kitties otherwise). I feel bad when I have to feign appreciation, but I of course know it’s the thought that counts.