Saddam on Queer Eye: the Ultimate Sequential Threads

As I scrolled down the forum just now, two threads caught my eye in all-too-rapid succession: a Saddam thread and a *Queer Eye *thread.

Two great tastes that taste great together, no? Anyone care to start off a little* Queer Eye* episode, starring Saddam? I’d do it myself, but well, I’ve only seen one episode, so I really don’t have the flavor quite down yet, plus some of you (you know who you are) really have more of a flair for the dramatic.

Any takers? I’ll see if I can think of an appropriate prize for the best script…

Further down the page… (No replies to that one, either.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn you people! You’re too fast! (Or I’m too tired, or something.)

Can I rub some salt in and suggest it should have been “The Mother of All Sequential Threads”?

I saw:

“the first acceptance letter always gets you…”


“anyone read Arabic?”

From IMHO:

young men and number of orgasms
Touching story

I law a picture this morning of Saddam sitting in a big chair, surrounded by the Fab Five, obviously a Photoshop. But the link is dead now. Pretty well done, I must say.

“Do women enjoy sex?” followed by “How fast is too fast?”